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WATCH: Peter Gabriel, REM (With Kirsten Dunst!), Woodkid And More

New Blood, Peter Gabriel
Sticking with this week’s orchestral theme, New Blood came out earlier this month. The album picks up where Gabriel’s last, Scratch My Back, left off—only this time instead of covering other artists’ songs with an orchestra, he’s re-recorded his own classic tracks.

I’m not usually a fan of artists fiddling about with their canonical work— it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (See Kate Bush’s Director’s Cut.) But here, Gabriel actually does bring a bit of, well, new blood, to his back catalogue, taking these highly produced songs full of big ’80s beats and synths and recasting them with strings and brass. It may seem smarmy, but I’m a sucker for “In Your Eyes,” and the New Blood version brings out something truly majestic I never felt in the original.
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