Mussolini’s Granddaughter Just As Bitchy As Her Grandfather

mussolini alessandra

Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter, Alessandra, seems to be Italy’s answer to the U.S.’s own rambling pundit wannabe, Ann Coulter. Showing that she would be the perfect guest for Jerry Springer, Mussolini went on an Italian talk show to bitch out a drag queen who is running for Parliament in that country.

Mussolini, proud of her ancestral ties to “Il Duce”, had been criticised by a drag queen-turned-politician about being a fascist on Italian TV talk show Porta a Porta.

“I’m proud of it,” she snapped in comments due to be aired later on Thursday.

Vladimir Luxuria, who hopes to be Europe’s first “transgender” MP and is running with the Communist Refoundation party, then asked if Mussolini wanted to lock up homosexuals.

“Better to be a fascist than a faggot,” Mussolini said, using the highly offensive Italian word “frocio”, according to Porta a Porta’s press office.

The only talents she possesses are making malicious comments about gays and taking her clothes off for Playboy (Link SO not safe for work or for you ‘mos with a strong aversion to titties). And now that middle age and a bad bleach job have robbed her of her beauty, the only way she’ll ever get anyone’s attention is by mouthing off on national TV.

Better fascist that gay – Mussolini’s granddaughter [Reuters]