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Must Have Accessory: God Hates Bags

reva-013-revel-and-riot-god-hates-bags-natural-neon-dLooking for a novel way to take the sting out of the Westboro Baptist “Church” and their ubiquitous ‘God Hates Fags’ slogan? LGBT merchandiser Revel and Riot have the bag for you.
With the parody slogan”God Hates Bags” emblazoned on the front, the bags are meant to “ridicule the horrible and hateful Westboro Baptist Church’s famous rallying call and encourage people to stop using plastic bags!”, according to GayStarNews.
The bags are available in four different designs, at $20 each, and have even been endorsed by bisexual comic Margaret Cho.
Be sure to also check out Revel and Riot‘s line of fun LGBT-themed T-shirts to pair your new carry-alls with, such as this one:
71872_161945833833452_4486443_nOr this one: