My Gay Roommate Faces Its Darkest Hour

my gay roommateWeb series My Gay Roommate just keeps chugging along, and they’ve just wrapped up their third season, which is like twenty seasons in webisode years.

True to form, the finale is affably weird, with a terrible crisis that this time resolves in song. (Of course, the song’s available to download from iTunes.) Roommates Nick and Ed confront the possibility that they really don’t belong together and they might’ve just wasted a couple years of their life. Can they make it through this crisis intact? (Hint: uh huh.)

A leather bear, some prairie folk, a laser and an aria spruce up the webisode’s musical turning point, along with choreography that mostly consists of running and loitering. And what started as a

The music’s by Carner & Gregor, whose off-Broadway show Unlock’d concerns an 18th century dispute over long hair and two sisters who battle over popularity.

Since its premiere, we’ve loved MGR‘s strangeness, its exposed flesh, and its daring use of butter. Keeping the show fresh can’t be easy, and yet somehow they’ve managed so far. See you in season 4!