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My Goodness, Is Every Golden Globe Nominee Gay or What?


You know, in scanning through the just-announced list of Golden Globe nominees, in an effort to find the “gay” selections, we found ourselves wondering: “Aren’t all of these nominees pretty queer?” Big Love: Gay. True Blood: Gay. Modern Family; Gay. A Single Man: Gay. Even 30 Rock, Nine, Julie & Julia, Mad Men, and, we would argue, The Hurt Locker all have gay elements, whether it’s their humor or just same-sex camaraderie. Just about the only nominated film or television show we couldn’t immediately identify as gay is The Proposal, and then we remembered, there’s … this.

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  • ksyxx

    Queer is in, what did you expect. As long as there aren’t any screaming flamers making out during the show, we’re all good

  • Lou Koumades

    How could you forget GLEE!!!! It received two nominations and is probably the gayest thing on FOX.

  • Jacob

    Lol that is so true about Glee. The gayest thing to ever be shown on tv. Love it!!! :P x

  • James Davis

    @jacob, it’s one of the gayest things ever to be on television, however I think the gayest thing ever still belongs to a little known show “popular” that was on the WB years ago. In fact I can easily see where Glee is a more popular (pardon the pun) update of “popular”

  • Jacob

    @ James Davis

    Popular, i remember that show. I used to watch it when i came back from school lol! It was a pretty good show. Unfortunately it got the axe :o( Booooo! That sucks! Hopefully Glee will not have the same fate!

  • FakeName

    How could you forget GLEE!!!! It received two nominations and is probably the gayest thing on FOX.

    Not as long as Seacrest has a job.

  • big_red737

    Actually GLEE ended up with 4 nominations, the most of any Television Series!

    Best Comedy Series
    Best Supporting Actress for a Series – Jane Lynch
    Best Actress in a Comedy Series – Lea Michele
    Best Actor in a Comedy Series – Matthew Morrison

  • jason

    I think a lot of you are unsure of the word “gay”. “Gay” means sexually oriented and in love with someone of the same gender. It doesn’t mean male camaraderie, it doesn’t mean glee club, it doesn’t mean camp. It’s important you understand this.

    Look, I know a lot of you are desperate queens. You want vindication, you want acceptance, you basically want everything to be gay, including Christmas trees. But you really need to go about it a different way.

    If I were you, I’d check my definitions first. At least then you’ll be certain as to what you’re getting is actually true acceptance or phony acceptance.

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