MySpace Not Skinny Enough

Ug, everyone has a MySpace page these days. Even our grandmother has one and she’s dead. (It’s totally gross, she’s got pictures of her rotting corpse. A bit distasteful, no?)

To combat such unfashionable social networking, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood – both of whom are giving our dead grandmother a run for her money, if you know what we mean – have partnered with a group of fashion-forward techies to launch their own trendy virtual space: IQONS. Stylists, designers, models and various followers can join the site for free, thus ensuring they will never have to interact with the plebes ever again.

Of IQONS, co-founder and former Comme des Garcons employee Rafael Jimenez had this to say:

The fashion world was sometimes a hostile and competitive environment so this is a tool to help young designers get involved. If you are talented someone will spot you and you will get through.

In other words, fatties, uglies and smellies need not apply. Unless you have a really ill blow hook up. Or have loads of money. Or, maybe, some more attractive friends. Although, really, no self-respecting attractive hangs out with uglies. That sort of charity’s for the MySpace set. Losers.

(PS: The site’s name has to be in all capitals because, you know, it’s THAT monumental.)