Doesn't 'have anything against gay people'

Mystery Solved! 50 Cent ‘Knows’ Kanye West Isn’t Gay

50 Cent goes to Mr. Chow

RAP QUEENS — Self-proclaimed heterosexual Kanye West openly acknowledges his own homophobia (even while everyone speculates about the rapper’s sexuality). He also tips hit hat to homos for his own style inspiration. And then there’s 50 Cent, Kanye’s semi-fictitious industry foe, who’s openly taunted Kanye before, most recently in the song “Play This on the Radio,” which features the line, “first they say, ‘That faggot hot’” — though 50 officially denies that line is aimed at West. But it’s never too late for enlightenment! Now that Kanye has gone public (hah!) with his gay fashion roots, 50 says: “I understand now where [Kanye West’s] inspiration is. Prior to him saying that, I didn’t get it. I actually don’t believe Kanye West is gay. He might be sensitive. Trying — try-sexual. But I know he’s not gay. Tony made me know that.” There’s more.

MTV News reports (emphasis ours):

In January, when 50 was a guest on DJ Whoo Kid’s satellite radio show, he hinted that he might have been talking about Kanye on the song when he made reference to West’s sexuality. He also said awards shows like the Grammys have no problem recognizing artists like West or Wayne but are afraid of him.

We caught up with the G-Unit general last week to clear things up. “I never said Kanye’s name,” 50 told us with a grin.

50 does admit to making fun of Kanye’s new haircut and old footage of West that appeared on the Internet recently, in which Kanye said he picks up fashion inspiration from gay men as well as the Japanese culture.

“I understand now where your inspiration is,” 50 said. “Prior to him saying that, I didn’t get it. I actually don’t believe Kanye West is gay. He might be sensitive. Trying — try-sexual. But I know he’s not gay. Tony made me know that.”

“Me?” Tony Yayo asked with surprise in his voice.

“Tony knows a girl that knows Kanye,” 50 explained. “So I know that if he was gay, he wouldn’t know the young lady we’re talking about. She’s one of those video vixens.”

During the conversation, 50 offered a feigned apology for hurting Kanye’s feelings (West has said in the past that 50’s insults are like “being spit on”) and further mocked his fashion.

“I seen the picture. It was so crazy,” 50 said, referring to a photo of Kanye and his entourage during Paris Fashion Week that appeared online several days ago. “It was him and four or five other people. They had on some spandex, cheetah, leopard. That wasn’t gay; that was interesting. Where I come from, you only see [those clothes on] gay people. Once he says gay people are his inspiration, it’s understandable. I don’t have anything against gay people, I just say what I think I’m seeing.”

Celebs at Chanel fashion show during Paris Fashion Week

And then there’s 50’s thoughts on Kanye’s hair — his shag. “I wouldn’t wear that thing on the back of my head, the shag joint. It’s different. It’s something you would see maybe in the Village.” Well, at least he knows about the Village.

Photos: Splash News

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  • getreal

    @rickroberts: I agree most of what 50 says is stupid and always connected to a publicity stunt. At least Kanye West has called the hip-hop community out on homophobia. His reward has been constant speculation about his sexuality. This is a rapper who has gays and lesbians in his entourage and works with them how that is acknowledging his homophobia I’m not sure. Why is it if a gay man says he is grossed out by sex with a woman he is just being honest but if a straight man admits he is grossed about by gay sex he is a homophobe. Aren’t straights allowed to be proud of themselves too?

  • Jack

    10th time’s the charm…

  • dgz

    okay, silver lining:
    that fiddy feels compelled to say he “has nothing against gay people.” either a) he doesn’t, or b) a rapper who has been shot 9 times is actually intimidated by us. win/win.

  • getreal

    @dgz: LOL

  • Eminent Victorian

    Who cares about either of these utterly talentless people? Will anyone be talking about them in ten years?

  • rickroberts

    @Eminent Victorian: EXACTLY! What do they do but yell violent, sexist, homophobic hoodie talk in rhyme? What the fu** is rap anyway? They are piss-poor role models for all youth and especially for black youth. Can we please have another black male other than the President tell our nation’s young thugs to pull up their goddam* pants, turn down the goddam* bass in their 15-year old Chevy Impala’s with hooped-up chrome wheels spinning backwards, get the goddam* bluetooth earpieces out of their ears (really, dudes, America has moved on – everyone has a cell phone now – it’s really not a big deal anymore), lose some fuc*ing weight, and stop making so goddam* many little motherfu**ers just like themselves.

    Work, study, go to college, obey laws, be polite. Christ! That’s what the rest of us do.

  • Distingué Traces

    The rumor that 50 Cent himself is gay is much more plausible.

  • rickroberts

    Who cares if they are gay? You just know they don’t know how to keep a clean ass!

  • getreal

    @rickroberts: Wow talk about stereotyping. First of all hip-hop (no one really calls it rap anymore) is varied and there is nonsensical “thug” music but there is also a lot of politically conscious issue based hip hop. To imply that our President is the ONLY role model that young black males have is so far from the truth and says a lot about you. The fact that some kids choose to wear their pants low is a silly fad like hippies who wore their hair long or bobbysockers who wore poodle skirts. I think you should start by not judging a large and diverse group of people on the lowest most racist stereotypes on offer. Your posts was as annoying and distasteful as any bass blasting teenager blasting my eardrums out in traffic.There are plenty of black people out there who work, study, went to college, obey laws, and are polite. You just insulted one.

  • getreal

    Oh and I have totally heard the 50 cent down low rumors and I live in west hollywood (gay mecca)where if you hear the rumors over and over they usually end up being true.

  • rickroberts

    @getreal: Well, then, how about I move to LA and meet you because it seems all we have here in Atlanta are stereotypes.

  • getreal

    Atlanta is a city that is a center for black wealth and has one of the highest concentrations of blacks with degrees. Unfortunately often the most annoying representatives of any given group are loudest and most conspicuous. It is unfair to judge us all by such people. I’m sure you would not want to be judged based on Richard Simmons for example. LOL

  • rickroberts

    @getreal: And just where do you get your statistics? Saying it doesn’t make it so. Further, what is the point? If you are correct, where are they? Are they hiding? Assimilating? They should get their asses out there with the rest of us and say, “Enough!” Visit the Fourth Ward right here on the edge of Virginia Highlands and say, “Enough!” Get you drug dealing, thugging, mugging, obnoxious, whoring asses out of here!

  • getreal

    If you did not hate blacks so much maybe it would be harder to ignore a city full of black professionals and only see the thugs.

  • getreal

    @rickroberts: Why don’t you say enough and if you are so angry about it do something to help the disenfranchised mentor a kid do something more positive than posting racist rants on a website.

  • rickroberts

    I say, “Black professionals, present yourselves!”

    Just today, I was at Cactus Carwash and was surrounded by a bunch of tick-picking fools with bluetooth earpieces, backs of necks that look like a pack of hot dogs, and the worst sort of subject-verb agreement problems that you can imagine. I go to Whole Foods, and it is the same thing. Any red light in town, same thing. Hawks basketball game, same thing. People, stop trying to be and act so ghetto! It isn’t cool, and it isn’t getting you anywhere. Prison chic ain’t where it’s at.

  • rickroberts

    @getreal: Dude, I’m there. I swear to you … I’m there. Have been for years. I am beating my head against a wall.

  • getreal

    If that is a fashion sensibility that they are cultivating that is there choice. I would ask myself why does it incite such a racist reaction. Like with most times when we point the finger there are 4 more pointing back at us. I’m not trying to harsh but when you post things like that there are people out there you are hurting and I’m sure you don’t want to be racist. There are ignorant douchebags in every race if it bothers you do something to improve it. If you have and tried then try hard. I know people in Atlanta and I’ve been there and you see well dressed cultivated blacks in every nice restaurant, exclusive shopping district, art gallery. Maybe not at your car wash but maybe go to a nicer car was and there will be nicer people there. I know there are no thugs at my car wash.

  • rickroberts

    @getreal: Helps me understand this then. What is up with the bluetooth earpieces? Doesn’t that bug the shit out of you? Really. OK, guys, I am happy that you learned how to pair a dime store bluetooth earpiece with your cell phone. OK, cool. Folks have been doing that for years, but most of us leave it in the pocket or glove compartment until we need it. Why do you have to walk around wearing the thing all the time? It looks fucking ridiculous.

  • getreal

    How do I know? Do you think there is a convention somewhere were black instructional sheets are passed out there are all kind of black people just like there are all kind of white people. I do see the types of teenagers you are talking about around LA and I don’t remember any of them wearing bluetooths. Of all the silly trends (emo kids for instance) out there why does this one bother you? It seems like you have a lot of anger toward black people if you worked through it maybe you not be enraged by the way a group of teenagers wears their pants.Oh and hang out at better plaes and you will see a better class of people.

  • getreal

    Teenagers dress silly they always have always will don’t make it a race issue. You sound far to intelligent for that racism is for ignorant idiots.

  • rickroberts

    @getreal: Perhaps a class of people that didn’t write in a continuous run-on sentence? Try a comma or period once in a while, dude.

  • getreal

    No can do! I try but when I feel passionate my writing goes right out the window and I have been called on the carpet for run on sentences by every teacher and professor I’ve ever had, (comma) there are worse sins I think.

  • rickroberts

    @getreal: I like you, dude, and I’m not nearly as bad as I am trying to sound tonight. :)

  • dgz

    Gawd, let’s hope not.
    ‘Cause you sound awful.

  • rickroberts

    Hehe – to know me is to love me. I promise.

  • getreal

    @rickroberts: I believe you just try to be more patient with people very few annoying people are as bad as they seem.

  • rickroberts

    I know, dude. I was feeling a little punchy tonight. Thanks for bearing the brunt.

  • getreal

    @dgz: And stop making me laugh when I’m trying to sound profound lol.

  • dgz

    sorry ;)
    figured you deserved a break.

  • matt (the other other one)

    @dgz: just making sure you know i was kidding.

  • Mister C


  • Mister C

    First and foremost GETREAL is right when he said

    “Atlanta is a city that is a center for black wealth and has one of the highest concentrations of blacks with degrees” Some live in Midtown, and most live in the counties outside (Gwinnett, DeKalb, Rockdale). So Rickey Rockets if you stop looking for “thug d^ck” in SWAT and take off your racist hat and stop looking at us African Americans in the singular maybe you’re a$$ would see some.

    And by the way young Blacks liking rap is no different than young whites liking rock and metal they both speak degrading messages. And since you feel that we don’t Work, study, go to college, obey laws, and be polite. How in the hell do you know that we all DON’T?
    Then you said that is what the rest of us do……really????

    Then lets go to Carrollton GA and go to Henry County, Macon and Albany GA where in the trailer parks all hell is breaking loose, drugs, no education, crime,poor mannerisms, etc and they’re white just like you. Remember Hillary Clinton mostly picked up the uneducated WHITE vote.

    And another thing queen I can respect when a punk can just say I’m prejudice then we all know. Why do you seem to only answer threads when Queerty wants to rile of the troops (The KKKGays) with these types of threads. Keep in mind this is a predominately white Gay male audience so what real debate is coming from this? And I know a lot of you are not Rickey Rockets but I’m keeping it real like always.

    And everyone knows Kanye isn’t Gay. But when we do have allies why vilify them? OH YEAH and the biggest rap HOMOPHOBE is EMINEM and he’s white that Elton John stunt was just that A STUNT!

    That queen (Rickey Rockets)gives me so much GAS!

  • Jason

    Sisters gotta stick together!

  • cruiser

    “…try-sexual” does that mean if it’s sexual he’ll try it?!

  • Rene

    Whas that an aplogy?, well, i think 50 raps way better than Kanye West, and 50’s songs are way better than Kanye West’s ones. But they’re both grown up enough to be on a “beef” like two little hood teenagers. Come on it’s been a while since 50 has released an album, so stop fucking or dissing both of them.

  • James Votinelli

    The African Americans as they call themselves would all be kicked out of Africa so fast their heads would spin. They are such an insecure aimless people it is truly sad.They purposely must Africanize everything from music,hair styles,dress,food ad infinitum.I wish I could understand this behavior?They do everything in their power to induce negative attention.Yet when something negative is said,they scream racism and/or start burning.The person who started this baggy jean movement however should be commended.The crime rates have plummeted because if they do any crime they cant run very fast or very far for to long.Whoever you are a thousand thanks.Crime rates have never been lower. Ever wonder why? Baggy jeans is why.I rest my case.

  • Pugnacious

    Kanye and Fiddy should both “come-out” and play. Maybe they’ll get rid of that pent up frustration.

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