N-word dropping adult film star Bruno Bernal says he loves black guys, just not “black ghetto people”

Let it be known that adult film star Bruno Bernal is a racist. But don’t take our words for it. Take his.

Earlier this week, Bernal dropped the N-word in his Instagram story while complaining about the way his African-American barber spoke:

Followers were quick to call out the power bottom for his racism.

But, of course, the worst thing you can call a racist… is racist.

Bruno, who recently appeared in a Donald Trump-themed porno where he bottomed for a man wearing a red MAGA hat, got very defensive, telling critics to “f*ck off” and to “unfollow + block” if they had an issue with his language.

But he didn’t stop there.

After more and more people told Bruno he was, indeed, being racist, he issued a lengthy statement once again denying the charges.

First, he said he’s had multiple black boyfriends, including his current one, which automatically proves he harbors no prejudice. Then he said he’s a huge fan of “black culture.”

He followed that up by using the term “f*cking a ghetto” before spewing some nonsense about talking like a “black ghetto person that just came out of prison”.

What a charmer!

h/t: Str8UpGayPorn