NAB Honors AIDS Fighting Elton

Elton John traveled to Washington Monday to receive the National Association of Broadcasters’ Service to America Leadership Award. Ever socially aware, NAB honored John’s tireless work against that international nightmare, HIV/AIDS.

The guest list looked like a who’s who of American culture, with democratic Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative John Dingell sitting side by side with Miss America, Lauren Nelson and Inside Edition‘s Deborah Norville. Meanwhile, Oleta Adams put a jazzy spin on some of John’s classics, like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” which Elton no doubt did.

Taking the stage, Elton – who has cited Ryan White as his inspiration for his activism – told the enraptured audience,

This is a chance to make up for behavior I deeply regretted … I’m like the whore that goes around and rattles people’s wallets.

As opposed to the whore that goes around and rattles people’s wieners? (Seriously, we’ve looked around for more quotes from his speech, but this is the only one we could find. It’s a bit twisted, don’t you think?)

In other Elton John fights AIDS news, Mariah Carey signed on to headline the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s June 29th One Mighty Party. Fag favorite Carey will apparently sing six dance remixes at the Paris event. We’re totally there!! In spirit, of course.

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