Dos and Don’ts Of Pride

The biggest Pride weekend of the year is upon us. London, Paris, San Francisco, New York, Tampa, Seattle, Houston, and World Pride Toronto to name a few. With that comes many unforgettable memories, so we’re giving you the dos and don’ts to make sure they’re good ones.


DO stock up on all the complimentary supplies you can get your hands on. Why not? They’re free! And a gay man can never have enough personal lubricant.


DON’T ditch your friends for some random dude you meet at the bar. Remember, bros before hos.

DON’T get roofied. Which means DO watch your drinks. And DON’T accept any from strangers.


DO bring cash to the bar. Unless you want to wait forever to pay with a card since the place is going to be packed.


If you run into your ex, DON’T make a big scene. Pride is supposed to be celebratory. Save the drama for another day, Mary J.


DO put the number of your local cab company into your phone. Or download Uber, Sidecar, or Lyft. And DON’T drink and drive.

Donatella Versace Relaxing Topless On The Beach In St Barts (USA AND OZ ONLY)

DO remember to wear sunscreen to the parade. Unless, of course, you want to look like Donnatella Versace.


DON’T forget to check out all the parties, festivities and going-ons in your city with the 2014 GayCities Pride Guides, presented by AT&T.

Plus, share your pictures by tagging #EqualityInColor on Instagram or uploading them to GayCities and you could win a VIP Getaway for New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas.

Pride on.