Naked Gyms Coming To London, Sydney, NYC. Aren’t Those Called Bathhouses?

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to hit the gym more often, you might have an interesting new option in 2012.

Aussilicious blogger Brenton has shared some details about an alleged chain of clothing-optional gyms for men, set to open later this year.

A while back I posted about a rumour I’d heard that someone was starting a chain of clothing optional gyms. Some of you expressed concern about hygiene. To be honest, it should be no different to a regular gym. You have to work out with a towel on the equipment already so it will be no less safe.

Well I can now report a bit more information. I’ve been in touch with the guy who is opening the gyms. They are men only gyms as he felt like women had women only space but we don’t so it was a gap in the market. I haven’t had any full details yet whether it will be clothing optional times or separate clothed and nude areas.

What I do know is that the website will be up early in the new year and gyms are already close to opening in New York, London and here in Australia. I can’t wait. It will be interesting to see what the market will be like and the public response but I do know that I’ll be giving it a go!

How would a place with showers, workout equipment and naked dudes be any different than, say, the West Side Club or Steamworks?

And even if people really went to a nudist gym just to work out, we’re not sure we’d find the aesthetics all that pleasing. You really want to be standing behind someone doing squat thrusts with no pants on?

Don’t answer that. Or rather, do—in the comments.


Source: Aussielicious.com  via Fleshbot (NSFW)