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  • Brian


  • Joey

    Damn Lady Gaga, you go!

  • SouLKid

    ewww @ the boobs..yikes!

  • Chuck

    Who the hell cares?

  • romeo

    I prefer my Gaga with a pee pee, so I’m gonna go with that.

  • Mike L.

    Boobs are grose, that is unless they’re man boobs, lol.

  • Brad

    I just wanted to say that the new format for Queerty is AWESOME! It successfully combines what was best about the old format (the ability to preview articles by reading a bit of text) with the visual appeal of the new format. Great job guys!!!

  • Brad


    I guess it was short-lived, or just a preview? Everything is back to normal now…

  • nativenyker

    She is good for some controversy! Go girl!

  • afrolito

    She’s still fug as hell though.

  • ricky

    lady gaga is an artiste! and a lady. i love her.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    I always wonder at Gay men who bristle around women, putting them down as being men. Must be lonely bottoms…

  • Rikard

    Those look like natural breasts. I am so sick of she spheroid implants I’d rather look at Bruce Jenner’s face! This is a great set of pics. Maybe not as hot as Mario Lopez in the same gear, but hot none the less.

  • Bianca

    How did the rumor about her being a man start? Why would anyone say that?

  • Yuki


    It started because she had to adjust herself once during one of her live performances; she scratched her crotch and people immediately thought she must have a penis. It makes absolutely no sense.

  • Fitz

    All jokes aside, I think her earlier pics (where she looked really well hung) were about terrible dress making more than her anatomy.

  • JR

    She’s hiding her candy… or maybe Photoshop gelded her

  • romeo

    @ Bianca: Ahem, she also SAID she was “intersexed” (hermaphrodite). She’s the one that started the speculation. Maybe it was for publicity, but there was some concert footage that seemed to show some junk. In any case, she obviously thought twice about it, so she’s back to being a “lady” LOL .

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