the shot

Naked + Trying to Hide While Escaping the Fire Burning Inside This Transexual Brothel

THE SHOT — This gentleman’s name is Memeth. The reason he is hanging on to the window ledge of this building in Switzerland is because it is on fire. The building, supposedly, is homebase for a transexual prostitution ring. Except Memeth, who is gay, isn’t there on business, he says; rather, he was visiting a transexual friend, was taking a nap, and awoke to smoke and flames. He refused to show his face, as there were television cameras and newspaper photographers recording the whole thing. He only left the balcony when firefighters told him he could cover his face. “I just hope my family can’t tell who I am from my bottom.” [Blick, Metro, TP]

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  • terrwill

    Strange! I thought I was the only one who got naked while visiting a friend at a homebase for a transexual prostitution ring! While not on business of course!!! : p

    I would said he got caught with his pants down, but…………..

  • Lucius vorenus

    Most guys would rather die than show their faces in these situations. Literally. Remember the guy in “two guys, one horse”?

  • Enron

    – Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes (I am gettin’ so hot, I will take my clothes off)
    – Through fire, to the limit to the wall, a chance be with you, thats all I’m looking for.

  • Frank

    Cute little butt…

  • Caleb

    It is a shame I had to actually go to the article to even learn where this was…recommendation to Queerty to update with location ( on this and all such articles ) – it is simply good reporting.

  • SmartVac

    Does he have a thing for trannies or was he pretending to be trans to get clients?

  • Kieran

    Nice booty shot.

  • Jeremy

    There is a transexual Brothel in Switzerland? Oh my Motherfu…That tiny country sure does have everything. No wonder why it’s the most happy country on earth.

  • Jeremy

    PS: “most happy”???? Sorry for my stupid grammar. I just got out of bed.

  • romeo

    I feel sorry for the guy. Such a scary plus compromising situation. I’m glad he got out okay.

  • Letterman Michael

    You people are just sick

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