Nancy Grace Defends Antigay Icon Anita Bryant, Claims People Were Just Jealous Of Her Beautiful Singing Voice

anitabryantpieHonking windbag Nancy Grace had some curious thoughts to share yesterday about Anita Bryant. Younger readers might not recognize Anita’s name, but she was a notorious antigay activist during the 1970s.

The subject came up during a conversation about the guy who punched Brad Pitt at a red carpet event. Grace’s outraged conversation meandered here and there, touching on stalkers and surprise attacks on public figures. She also wears a hair clip that makes it look like someone tried to staple her bangs in place.

“Do you remember Anita Bryant?” Grace asks, describing Bryant as a beautiful singer. Apparently it’s Grace who doesn’t really remember her, because she leaves out the quality for which Bryant is most noted: campaigning to overturn an anti-discrimination ordinance in Florida. “As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children,” she said at the time.

After she was successful in Florida, she led similar campaigns in various other states. It took 20 years to start undoing the damage she caused.

At one point, she was hit in the face with a pie as retribution from the gay community. This might not have been the most constructive way to deal with her, but it was clearly an attention-getter. People remember it to this day — but apparently Grace is a little fuzzy on the details.

“She was speaking on some issue dear to her heart,” Grace says. “I don’t understand that. Why did that guy do that?” and then she kept repeating, “why would you do this?” as if it’s some kind of mystery that nobody can ever unravel. Her guest, a psychoanalyst who also seems to have forgotten her history, explains that the attacker was envious of Bryant’s beautiful voice.

The real question is “why would Anita Bryant be so cruel and hateful to millions of gays and lesbians?” … to be followed up with, “why did nobody at Nancy Grace’s show take her aside to explain history to her?”