Naomi Campbell Can’t Imagine Fashion Without Visionary Gay Designers

naomi-campbellThe gay community has made an incredibly profound impact on the fashion industry, and without key creatives such as Marc Jacobs, Gianni Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, to name a few, the art form would not be so vibrant…Gay culture and fashion go hand-in-hand in that they flourish in the light of making bold and brave statements.”


— Supermodel Naomi Campbell speaking the truth, as reported by ContactMusic

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  • balehead

    An amazing lady who knows what it’s like to be treated differently….

  • Greg Garavani

    Now if only she can get rid of the fur.

  • Carlton Raines

    Coming from this vile woman it’s no compliment, her support of the Fur trade sicken’s most people,And the fashion trade or industry could do without trash like her.

  • Carlton Raines

    @Greg Garavani: Yes ,but she never will, as she once was part of the I’d rather go naked than wear Fur Campaign, and when she was offered more money, to wear fur ,she did , Clearly no conscience or morals, so it would be unlikely for her to start caring about the torture of animals in China where the fur come’s from or any other form of animal cruelty, Just like, J LO,Victoria Beckham,Beyonce,Janet Jackson and others.

  • Aric

    What does she mean a “profound” impact? I don’t even mess with fashion but come on…..

    For Christ sake the heteros wouldn’t even have Calvin Klein underwear or undershirts to wear if it wasn’t for tha gheighs. The correct statement would be “Without gays there would be no New york Fashion Week”

    You tried it, Naomi. You are still the absolute best at what you do.

  • balehead

    I guess you can only be white on this site to have a say….

  • Jackhoffsky

    @balehead: WOW! THAT is EXACTLY the lesson to be learned from all this. I can’t believe you busted through all the fluff to get to this incredible lesson.

    You are VERY perceptive.

  • Brian

    Naomi sounds patronizing. I don’t like her. Go away, Naomi.

  • AnitaMann

    Just be careful. Never know when she’s gonna lose it and throw her cell phone at you.

  • balehead

    So sad that the posters on here never get the real issues….

  • Charlie in Charge

    Sooooooo once again someone says something nice about the gays and the reaction is largely sour unhappiness.

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