Naomi Campbell Strikes Again!

Naomi Campbell has yet again managed to get arrested for assault, bringing her grand total to nine violence-related arrests in eight years.

You may recall that the model landed in hot water after throwing her crystal-embedded phone at an assistant. Her latest victim comes in the form of her drug councilor. The Daily Mail reports:

Naomi Campbell was held for 12 hours in a police cell before being questioned over an alleged assault.

The 36-year-old supermodel had to sleep off jet lag after being arrested for allegedly scratching the face of her drugs therapist.

Miss Campbell was questioned by officers after her counsellor walked into a police station with blood-red marks down both her cheeks.

We can only assume that Campbell had a yen for a bit of bloe and confused her drug therapist with her drug dealer. It’s a common mistake, but an unfortunate one considering that the super model has a hearing here in New York next month for the aforementioned cell phone incident.

Don’t worry, she’ll throw some cash around and get out of it like she always does…