Nash Grier’s Dad Says His Son Is Not A Homophobe, The World Begs To Differ

Nash and Chad Grier

Teen homophobe Nash Grier’s father is coming to his son’s defense.

“Nash is not a hate monger or a homophobe,” Chad Grier insisted.

All evidence, however, suggests completely otherwise.

Last week, 16-year-old Nash Grier made national headlines when a charming video of him screaming that HIV is for fags was made public. In case you missed it, here it is again:

In addition to that video, Nash has a history of posting horrible antigay sentiment to his Twitter account.



According to Chad Grier, who works as a high school football coach, his son recorded the video in April 2013, shortly after turning 15, and was just “playing around with a new app.”

When we think of teenagers “playing around”, we think of them hanging out at the mall or driving around with friends. Not screaming horrible antigay slurs into a camera and then uploading it to the internet for millions and millions of people to see. But whatever.

Chad also said that as soon as he saw his son’s video, he told him to take it down.

“It was just a stupid, immature attempt to be funny,” Chad said. “It wasn’t funny.”

Chad didn’t comment on his son’s history of homophobic tweets.

In a statement posted to his Twitter account, the 16-year-old apologized for the video, claiming he had “talked strongly about something hurtful and serious that I knew nothing about.” He also claimed he was “young” and “in a bad place.”

Chad Grier echoed his son’s defense. “He’s a 16-year-old kid living in L.A. trying to figure out this new world he’s in,” he said.

He also issued a warning to other teens: “Be careful before you push the ‘send’ button. You can’t take it back.”

That’s some real fatherly wisdom right there.

According to Chad, Nash plans to use the remainder of his 15 minutes of infamy to help spread the word about the dangers of posting mean things that can hurt people. He also promises to educate himself about HIV and help spread more accurate information.

In his own half-assed apology, Nash says he has “moved on” from the video. Unfortunately for him, the world has not.


Members of the staff of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which offers some amazing services that support queer youth, have reached out to Grier (via Vine, naturally) and offered to take him on a tour of the Center to help educate him about the challenges LGBT people his age face. Check out their message below.