Nash Grier’s Dad Says His Son Is Not A Homophobe, The World Begs To Differ

Nash and Chad Grier

Teen homophobe Nash Grier’s father is coming to his son’s defense.

“Nash is not a hate monger or a homophobe,” Chad Grier insisted.

All evidence, however, suggests completely otherwise.

Last week, 16-year-old Nash Grier made national headlines when a charming video of him screaming that HIV is for fags was made public. In case you missed it, here it is again:

In addition to that video, Nash has a history of posting horrible antigay sentiment to his Twitter account.



According to Chad Grier, who works as a high school football coach, his son recorded the video in April 2013, shortly after turning 15, and was just “playing around with a new app.”

When we think of teenagers “playing around”, we think of them hanging out at the mall or driving around with friends. Not screaming horrible antigay slurs into a camera and then uploading it to the internet for millions and millions of people to see. But whatever.

Chad also said that as soon as he saw his son’s video, he told him to take it down.

“It was just a stupid, immature attempt to be funny,” Chad said. “It wasn’t funny.”

Chad didn’t comment on his son’s history of homophobic tweets.

In a statement posted to his Twitter account, the 16-year-old apologized for the video, claiming he had “talked strongly about something hurtful and serious that I knew nothing about.” He also claimed he was “young” and “in a bad place.”

Chad Grier echoed his son’s defense. “He’s a 16-year-old kid living in L.A. trying to figure out this new world he’s in,” he said.

He also issued a warning to other teens: “Be careful before you push the ‘send’ button. You can’t take it back.”

That’s some real fatherly wisdom right there.

According to Chad, Nash plans to use the remainder of his 15 minutes of infamy to help spread the word about the dangers of posting mean things that can hurt people. He also promises to educate himself about HIV and help spread more accurate information.

In his own half-assed apology, Nash says he has “moved on” from the video. Unfortunately for him, the world has not.


Members of the staff of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which offers some amazing services that support queer youth, have reached out to Grier (via Vine, naturally) and offered to take him on a tour of the Center to help educate him about the challenges LGBT people his age face. Check out their message below.

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  • seaguy

    Call them dumb and dumber like father like son. They are both a couple of idiots.

  • friscoguy

    Come on guys you are beating up on a teen not to much you are just giving him free PR. Yes what he said was insensitive and mean spirited but again he is a teen he has plenty of time to change and evolve.

  • AJAnders

    So he recorded the video in April of 2013 and then waited a full year to post it to Vine? Does that make sense? Me thinks the father is making up crap in order to put some substance behind the son’s statement of saying he was “young,” which is still a stretch.

    And as expected, his fan girls are coming out in full force to defend him.

  • robirob

    Like, duh! Of course the dad defends his son’s actions. Which dad of a social media celebrity wouldn’t?

  • thenameismatt

    It’s the little hint of glee that the kid has on his face after yelling that gets to me. It disgusts me in fact. As a public figure he is accountable to the public for his public actions. So, f that kid.

  • erikwm

    I had never heard of his kid and wondered how a random person of average looks gets 9 million followers on Vine. I figured he had to be funny. So I looked at his videos…

    I thought a handful were clever, but didn’t physically laugh at any of them. Most I found mildly annoying, mainly because you could always tell he thought they were hysterical.

    It made me think of that Mike Judge movie “Idiocracy.” If this is what teens and tweens think is funny, it’s a dumbing down of comedy.

  • Desert Boy

    National headlines? Really, Queerty? I get two daily newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the only place I saw any mention of this punk is on this website.

  • Stache99

    @erikwm: Yeah, I just looked myself. Not sure what to make of it. Funny they’re absolutely not.

  • Stache99

    Those 9 million followers are pre teen girls who find him Justin Bieber cute. Even less talent though.

  • Frank

    I’m not feeling the apology at all here. If daddy (or mommy?) were truly concerned parents and were serious at all about his hyperactive bad boy internet attitude, they would make their son get a real job and a less narcissistic and stupid social hobby. And make innocent, little Nashy delete his vine, twitter and YouTube accounts, and restrict his Facebook access to relatives and close friends only. But we all know that’s not gonna happen. Because it clearly looks like the parents never said NO to this affluenza crippled ADHD teenager in his entire life.

    I am also slightly amused by the really serious look on their faces in the photo, like they are reading some of the online criticisms, and thinking “Who do these horrible queers think they are for criticizing my defenseless, innocent son for being a thoughtless bigot on the internet?” As if.

    And the dad is a high school football coach? Isn’t that just like admitting he is most likely a seriously homophobic bigot? In my experience growing up and playing sports, the worst homophobes in school were always associated with the football team, bar none. And that antisocial, bigoted attitude was encouraged and reinforced by the football coaches all the time.

  • Frank

    @Desert Boy:

    Obviously you never watch TMZ or any other media mouthpieces then. I think most of them have covered his homophobic exploits online at least once recently.

  • IcarusD

    Of course the kid’s comments were homophobic. He professes contrition and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him time to see if his apology is sincere. It doesn’t sound sincere, but I’m willing to give the kid a chance to grow up.

    At least his father isn’t spouting “First Amendment” bullshit about how his kid has a right to be an asshole.

  • litper

    His father is a dumb christonazi who homeschooled this filth! They have no place in LA. They should be kicked out to Uganda!

  • robho3

    I wish Queerty would just drop it— this douche bag doesn’t deserve any media attention.

  • Bad Ass Biker

    Nash should have his little butt fucked.

  • Curtispsf

    All this hatred just breeds more hate. The kid was an asshole. He’s been called on it. Give him a chance to show he means what he says when he says he’s changed. I did a lot of dumb things when I was a teenager. I’m glad no one was around to record it.

  • Desert Boy

    @Frank: I stopped watching tmz — it’s a bore. As for the “other media mouthpieces” (whatever that means), I watch NBC Nightly News, Rachel and al Jazeera. Do any of them qualify?

  • SteveDenver

    Hey Daddy, Help your son grow up and correct his mistakes, learn how to make a sincere and unqualified apology, and be a citizen of the world. Don’t come to his defense when he blurts out something stupid and offensive, and thinks it’s cool.

    Also, teach him about HIV and AIDS so he knows how to protect himself.

  • Tulare

    Children are not born with hate, they learn it. Children are not born homophobic, they are taught it.

  • Stefano

    He is 16 yo and he needs is father to take is defense ? Seriously?

  • Stefano


  • theGAPguy

    ACTION ALERT If you’re in L.A. area, July 20 (Sunday) @4:00 p.m. NASH GRIER, his father CHAD GRIER and younger brother HAYES GRIER will be at an EVENT at AvalonHollywood dance club: VIRTUOSO FEST. This is a ticketed event with a red carpet prior.

    Nash’s father Chad Grier has said he plans to see that Nash ‘atones’ for his homophobic Vine. Chad also Favorited a Tweet I sent to him: @Queer_America: @ChadGrier_ Definitely agree, Coach Grier. Hopefully, this is part of your conversation with @Nashgrier while he is visiting you and Hayes in Reply to Chad Grier’s RT of Gunter Brewer @CoachBrewerUNC · Jul 7 A man never discloses his own character so clearly as when he describes another’s. Matthew 12:35.

    IF YOU’RE IN L.A. and can show up Sunday, July 20, at the AvalonHollywood event, press Dad to impress on his sons that FACTS trump HATE. And, give them a good GLITTER BOMBING if you think that will get PUBLICITY to pressure real action.

  • Ron Jackson

    He just another little dweeb finding his 15 minutes of fame. It’s all down hill from here me boy.

  • Frank

    From darling dad’s twitter:

    “Chad Grier @ChadGrier_ · Jun 27

    New merch for @Nashgrier @camerondallas @HayesGrier and @Mr_Carterr will be available on their websites at 5PM eastern!”

    “Chad Grier @ChadGrier_ · Jun 28

    We will also be adding additional countries starting on Monday! Thank you again for supporting the boys!”

    “Chad Grier @ChadGrier_ · Jun 28

    Wow! Incredible response to the boys’ new merch – thank you! The sites are down briefly so we can add more horsepower”

    So, Daddy Warbucks is really just another mass merchandising social media pimp himself who is pimping out his “family” to make a fast buck making public appearances, while encouraging all their self centered media narcissism. As if stupid and juvenile Vine and YouTube videos rise to this level of hysterical media grandeur. This is a trashy media circus you created for your “family” for a so called Christian, Daddy Warbucks. Kardashian’s for Jesus anyone?

    And the family positively worships the mass merchandising Made in China media circus Duck Dynasty, too. Is anyone even mildly surprised?

    “Nila Grier @NilaGrier · May 11

    What has @DuckDynastyAE done to my daddy?!! Pseudo #UncleSi ???? #DuckDynasty we??y’all!”

    There is so much hokum materialistic Christian hypocrisy in this “family” it just makes me want to puke. This is more like teen hookups for Jesus, if Jesus was a full blown media prostitute looking to hook up with other teens online.

  • Sinnerxxs

    I can’t STAND to see or here that vine, it makes me so sick. What makes me even more sick is his following of stupid ass little girls

  • Frank

    @Desert Boy:

    “I watch NBC Nightly News, Rachel and al Jazeera.”

    Well, that explains a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    “TMZ or any other media mouthpieces” is pretty self explanatory, and would obviously include news relating to MEDIA. Because national or world news pretty rarely cover exclusively media news, unless it has business or financial impact or someone famous dies, or something like that.

  • Seth

    Poor Nash… he’s gonna look like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas when he gets old!

  • John

    Just an average ignorant, unaware, possibly stupid kid. Normal childish behavior for a child, what else should be expected. Let him say what he wants, but I think it just smacks a little bit too much of “the lady doth protest to much, methinks”.

  • Frank


    Just look at papa Grinch to answer that question.

    And I can’t imagine a sane girl with any common sense seeing a hugely pouty lipped mouth breather as a potential date or a mate, either. But those huge, pouty lips would be good for one thing I can think of. When he turns 18, of course.

    • Stache99

      @Frank: Why wait. 16 is hot. Just discreetly fly him over to Hawaii. Brian Singer might even help pay for it.

  • barkomatic

    I swear both father and son are wearing eyeliner. Maybe they are closet drag queens.

  • jar

    Dad looks like a real douchebag.

  • Mezaien

    Homophobe, is a wrong spelling! it`s suppose to be Homosexual, after all he is.

  • DuMaurier

    I could believe the video was just squirrelly thoughtless stupidity (been there in my past 15 year-old self), but his tweets are serious statements obviously expressing his actual views.

  • redboy70

    Why does this little jerk care so much about what gays are doing? Hatred usually comes from the inside and is taught at home. Thanks, Dad!

  • hex0

    I hope he ends up with herpes and HIV later in life from some random skank. One of the worse things about the invention of the internet are the deluded teen “e-celebs”.

  • Garth

    What is that adage about the apple not falling far from the tree?

  • hotshot70

    My message to this jerk Nash, I am a gay man, I do not have HIV or AIDS, but I can kick a**. Start your rants near me and all my friends and we will see how long you’d last before crying like a little “b” (Note: I am not threatening, and I am not going after him, so relax “thought police”)

  • Horse Lips

    Who are these people and why should I care what they say?

  • Alton

    I’m not interested in his apology, or hearing anything else from him. Just call me if he gets leukemia or MS so I’ll know to thank god. There are millions of homophobic teenage jackasses in the world, one less here or there won’t be missed.

  • JimboinLA

    Being publicly branded a homophobe is SOOOOOO uncool among the kids these days. He can say whatever he wants. A four second video clip is worth a thousand words. I wonder if he blames Jews for the holocaust. Lil’ BJ lips really stepped in it. And his Big Daddy can’t help him.

  • NoCagada

    The kid is this century’s version of the boys when I was in high school who harassed you for being gay…and then…you ran into them in the gay bars after everybody turned 21

  • JimboinLA

    Also…he just destroyed any hopes of a career in Hollywood. He could have gotten a Disney or Nickelodeon show with his social media status. That’s probably why Big Daddy moved the whole family to LA. He probably had an agent or manager blowing smoke up his ass, telling him to come out and start auditioning. Now that is allllll DEAD! The gay mafia controls The Business. They will make a wonderful example of this kid and watch him fade into oblivion and let’s hope he discovers Oxycontin to take away the overwhelming depression that comes from realizing you sabotaged your own career at the age of fifteen.

  • JimboinLA

    Just googled him. Apparently he has a movie deal with Awesomeness TV which is owned by Dreamworks which is owned in part by DAVID GEFFEN!!! The plot thickens. This kid is toast.

  • AJAnders

    @JimboinLA: His tween and teen fan girls are coming out in full force to show their supports of him. #ILoveNashBecause is now the top trending topic on twitter.

    Teen girls will overlook ANY disgusting behavior as long as you’re cute.

  • Ridpathos

    I’ve definitely moved on. In fact I never moved there in the first place. It’s a freaking 15/16 year old saying something stupid and homophobic. Every teenager hears exactly the same thing in the halls of their high school. Of course he doesn’t know better. He learned his lesson so can we get over it?

  • talk_talk

    It’s important that this follows this kid wherever he goes, for the rest of his life. Young straight white men are taught that they are not affected by the problems of minorities, which is why these kids feel so free to dabble in racism, homophobia, and other enactable forms of prejudice; they don’t believe it will last. They think you can apologize, and be removed from it forever.

    For every minority, prejudice is a daily battle that we never chose and can never EVER get rid of; these privileged kids who want to know what it’s like should never get to go another day without being reminded of it, so that they learn that prejudice afflicts people slowly, every single day of their lives, and haunts them everywhere whether it’s convenient for them or not. People like this kid, Mel Gibson, Donald Sterling, and the rest of the company they keep should be put through the same ringer as every minority; they should have to fear questions about this episode for the rest of their lives, they should constantly have to feel this kind of shame. No, prejudice never “goes away”; nobody “forgives” your minority status; this is what it feels like, and this is what you intentionally involved yourself in for the rest of your life. SEVERITY! If they wanted a nuanced persona they should’ve thought about that first. Others who see them will.

  • enlightenone

    @Curtispsf: And you didn’t record it either. That’s the difference! If this is the kind of 16 year old he is or you were, then this is the 16 year old that shouldn’t have access to act out his learned behavior! With other 16 year olds being bullied or committing suicide that is attributed to being called a fag or assume to have AIDS because they are gay, he gets no pass.

  • enlightenone

    @Ridpathos: This is the same kind of kid that would blow your brains out for being gay!

  • JimboinLA

    Yes except he has moved to Los Angeles where his homophobia will not fly at all. My sister lives in South Carolina and those people really think Jesus has their back when it comes to their right to be homophobic. Hollywood will kick the shit out of this self loathing little bigot. Trust me. I live here. I predict he will be moving back to N.C. very soon when he realized that all his potential deals have vanished overnight. He and his boyfriend need to get some beards by the way. They are seventeen. Why don’t they have girlfriends?

  • Teeth

    When he goes to apply to college, he will learn that almost every school does a simple net look-up. When they do that, they will have to decide if they want to be the school that took in a successful hate-baiter.

  • seaguy

    Those are not pretty blue eyes on either father or son they are evil blue eyes. I usually find blue eyes attractive but on them there is something off when I look into their blue eyes.

  • Bryguyf69

    @Desert Boy: Er yes, national headlines. It’s 2014, try searching online and yes, you’d see that the story is featured in the online editions of many newspapers. Sorry, the world doesn’t revolve around the LA Times, and a story’s omission doesn’t mean that it’s not national news. If you had mentioned the NY Times, you’d have a better argument, but not the LA Times. It may not be an important story, but it has certainly entered the national press.

  • Bryguyf69

    This was somewhat of a surprise to me since I knew nothing of his anti-gay and had always assumed that he had a gay following. Grier’s frequent collaborator, the much better looking Cameron Dallas, for example, exudes homoeroticism. Because of their age, I assumed that they were part of the new generation of straight teens who appreciated gay fans, and actively baited them with homoerotic and sexually-ambiguous videos. Oh well. At least Cameron Dallas still seems gay-neutral or even gay-positive. Google images of Cameron Dallas to see what I mean; the guy sure enjoys going shirtless. For some reason, he has removed his modeling video, where he does lots of gay poses (as opposed to more hetero Playgirl poses).

    See what I mean about homoeroticism? Even Nash Grier’s appearances are gay-ish.

  • Cee

    Well, at least we know now why the son is the way he is. The father sounds like a moron. All he does is make excuses for the unacceptable actions of his child like many idiot parents who raise idiot children who grow up to be idiot adults do.

  • JimboinLA

    The whole family belongs to a cult that thinks that being gay is a sin punished by hell. I hope the dad realizes this belief, which he instilled in his son, is the reason his son’s whole would is unraveling right now and is likely to cost him a lot of money

  • theGAPguy

    JimboinLA Without my looking back in the thread, may I ask are you the source of the twerp’s $700,000 a year income? Thx

  • theGAPguy

    The source of the info, that is … not the source of the money. Of course.

  • tommy timonC

    @AJAnders: I really think you’re too dumb for words. He made the vine in 2013 and his dad told him to delete it. The vine was reposted by someone a year and a half later. You have a brain use it

  • Bryguyf69

    I don’t think he’s truly homophobic. Insensitive and ignorant, yes, but I doubt if he fears or hates gays. Keep in mind that Nash’s very first vine video — and the one that made him instantly famous — was one where he mocked a Fundamentalist preacher. While topless. So while he may be religious, he’s probably not socially conservative. And he’s certainly irreverent. In his fratboy mentality, making fun of people with AIDS is no different than making fun of the preacher. And no, I’m not a fan of his, nor have I watched any of his videos besides the first one.

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