Nashville Pride Ex-Prez And BF Embezzled $660,000 To Open Mexican Nightclub

crema-trip-advisor-dance-floorAfter stealing more than $600,000 from Nashville’s Vanderbilt University, Jason Hunt and boyfriend Samuel Cole Wakefield did what any fugitive queers would do: they fled to Puerto Vallarta and opened a gay nightclub.

Everything was all fabuloso at Crema ( right) when it opened at the end of 2011—actors Wilson Cruz and Michael McElroy popped up at the grand opening and Jonny McGovern appeared at their New Year’s party.

The fiesta ended last week, though, when authorities busted Hunt after he left his nightclub asylum and went to Arkansas. (Why in God’s name would anyone ditch Puerto Vallarta for Arkansas?)

Now the embattled embezzler is being held on a million-dollar bond in the Natural State but is expected to be extradited to Tennessee to face the (disco) music.

Wakefield, his partner in life and in crime, was arrested Wednesday and charged with embezzling $60,000 from Vanderbilt.

Hunt was terminated from his job as an administrative assistant at Vanderbilt Law School in November, at which point he resigned his post as president of Nashville Pride and, apparently, bought himself a Spanish/English dictionary.

Maybe Hunt and Wakefield shouldn’t have tried to relive the glory days of Estudio 54. Nightclubs aren’t exactly known for being inconspicuous.

Photos: TripAdvisor, Montgomery County Jail