Nate Berkus: “I Spent My Allowance Buying Decorative Boxes”

She made me play baseball. I had no desire to do that. I said, ‘Mom, I don’t like direct sunlight, I don’t like bugs, I don’t like grass, and I’d rather be in the house playing with your fabric samples.’

I spent my allowance buying decorative boxes on my way home from the bus stop.”

Designer Nate Berkus revealing that he was lil’ queen from birth, on Current TV’s Joy Behar: Say Anything.

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  • Dumdum

    That’s so cute. I wanted Barbie and an Easy Bake Oven. What I got was a GI Joe and match box cars. So I tied GI Joe to a stake and lit him on fire doing a war dance. Boy O boy my dad sure tanned my hide for that.

  • Cam


    LOL!!!!! And was your war dance to a dance remix? :)

  • GreenmanTN

    Hey, I liked to cook but I loved my G.I. Joes too. Of course my G.I. Joe Command Headquarters was probably the only one that had a “back room”! It wasn’t until later that I figured out why “interrogations” involved stripping the bad guy (“Big Jim” whose bicep flexed when you bent his arm), tying him up, and Joe rubbing against him. #DADT

  • Dumdum

    @GreenmanTN: That sounds pretty cool. But I wanted the Barbie Dream House too, so I could open a Bed and Breakfast. Then Ken, GI Joe, Midge, or anyone else could come over and hang out. I have to admit that I felt strangely excited as I stripped off his clothes. I was 8 at the time.

  • Delf

    I spent my allowance on Mariah Carey cassette tapes, and later on, CDs. Oh, the 90’s

  • Jawsch

    Yay for “stories” that are just quotes from an article and offer nothing but placeholder space for readers.

    That’s definitely why I visit this site…


    age 5 i had a plastic tea set, a mini ironing board with iron, and a toy mop and bucket.

    i must be the goblin who was exchanged for that child cuz christ knows i grew up to be the laziest scuzziest housework avoiding stereotypical male ever. (i’m even considering putting newspaper on my kitchen surfaces so i don’t have to clean them, removing when it’s dirty or i have visitors; and i’ve only personally used an iron about twice my entire adult life. need a perfectly smooth shirt: buy a new one.)

    N.B i assure you i keep my own bodily bits n’ pieces very clean thanks for asking; the shower curtain not so much. it’s not that i tolerate a messy environment it’s that i’m more adverse to dirt than most; i don’t wanna touch it. and that’s what god created low wage immigrants for. not really.

  • BiL

    I had a GI Joe which I hated. I had toy cars which I hated, I had toy soldiers which I hated. All I wanted was a Barbie, a doll house, and an Easy bake oven. Is that too much to ask?

  • Dumdum

    @BiL: Certainly not. But it is NEVER too late. I have a token Barbie which I procured at a thrift store years ago even though I am a grown man. Maybe it is not the same but hey your never too old to be a kid. It is all about heart and letting go of past hurts. Have fun and be nice to yourself.

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