Nate Berkus Only Invites Celebrities To His Show If They ‘Play With’ Him

The message we sent was, I’d love to have you on the show, but you need to either come ready to play with me, show me how you live, show my audience how they can recreate how you live, share things you haven’t shared with anyone else, and join me in doing something for somebody else.

—Talk show host and interiors person Nate Berkus, whose show is in the crapper, on how his producers select guests

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  • Kev

    Does anyone watch him or care? Isn’t he short?

  • ron

    @Kev: I don’t care if he’s short or not, it’s just that he’s boring as all hell. Watching grass grow is more interesting. Also, I think he’s full of himself.

  • George

    And he always copies my outfits.

  • prohomo

    @Kev: What kind of stupid question is that, idiot?! I like my compact 5’7″ mesomorh frame, shallow butthead.

  • Kyle

    5’7″, are you female?

  • Kev

    @prohomo: Well it takes a big man to admit he is short! Kudos!

  • Ashton C

    What the hell?? I dont know what you guys are talking about, I’m short and by short I mean real short and I have never had a problem finding hot bottoms of all sizes to pound the hell out off, whenever the whim strikes me, (which is often). Then again it helps that Im a muscular Latin hung like a horse shortie.

    Don’t discriminate? Fornicate!

  • Ted

    Seems like a reasonable expectation to me.

    I think he’s a good decorator. I would like to see what he would have done with the Oval Office.

  • Ealan

    I consider myself a Nate fan; I used to watch him on Oprah sometimes and he put out a great decorating book. But the talk show field is flooded with shows that aren’t any good. It doesn;t seem like this is a good fit for him. Maybe he shoul;d try an interior deco show on HGTV, or even better, Style Network.

  • gregger

    Nate is boring and his show sucks. The only way I’d play with him is if he took his caps, crowns, or implants out (I’m afraid of losing my dick).

  • prohomo

    @Kyle: No, I’m Italian-Canadian. Why?

  • Tylertime

    Nate makes a better sidekick than a leading man. Not all of Oprah’s “experts” are meant to helm their own shows. Just wait till the launch of OWN…Sarah Ferguson, Carson Kressley, etc. A lot of interesting talent, but people who aren’t “stars”. They are supporting players.

  • Ken Hemminger

    Nate, I believe is 5’8, but lets not discriminate on height. I am only 5’6 myself. I have always considered myself a specific type – short, dark hair, hairy and people say I look Italian. He is a great decorator and a really nice guy. It seems he does like the tall, dark hansome types. Maybe a show on HGTV, DIY network or Style network would fit him better.

  • GlacierGuy

    See what happens when you leave the protection of Oprah! Nate should have stuck to doing things for Oprah and her viewers. He has his own design firm…wasn’t that enough?!? Greed is sure taking over. This show isn’t going to make it, it is boring and has no substance. This stuff has already been done before! Nate do yourself a favor, run as fast as you can back to Oprah’s shadow and stay there.

  • chicagojoe

    He is a lovely guy. I am sorry his show isn’t working out. Sometimes when you try new stuff you fail. This doesn’t make you a failure.

    best of luck on your next venture Nate.

  • John

    A lovely guy? Who says? I’ve heard he’s a jerk behind the scenes. His smile is as fake as they come.

  • Jojo

    He is so fakeeeeee
    The way he smiles/laughs before the commercial breaks

    and the way he points his finger at the screen ..that is corny as heck lol

  • Bsross47

    BRING BACK BONNIE HUNT!! At least her show was entertaining, funny and heartwarming. Nate Berkus has the personality of a dead fish!!

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