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Nate Phelps Predicted the Death of the Westboro Baptist Church, And They Didn’t Even Bother Protesting

On Sunday in Topeka, Nate Phelps, the telling-all son of the Westboro Baptist Church’s founder Fred, told an audience his prediction about how the church will eventually die out, but in the meantime we should all feel sympathy for its members, “at least for the young children stuck in that situation.” And he’s right; the kids out there on street corners waving around “God Hates Fags” signs don’t know any better, and are just doing as they are taught by their families. Nate’s visit to Topeka, meanwhile, was his first in twenty years. His father didn’t send anyone to picket. [AP]

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  • the crustybastard

    We should feel sympathy for Westboro Baptists?


    Well, I see now that even a comparatively sane Phelps is still just bugfuk crazy.

  • george

    Of course we should fee sympathy for every single one of them. Their lives have been DESTROYED by the insane, internalized homophobia of their patriarch.

  • AaronAkins

    Yes, you should feel sorry, if not heart-broken for these kids. I was raised in a hyper-conservative family (thankfully not this bad), and it took YEARS of effort by friends and members of my gay community to undo the damage. These children likely have this hateful “church’s” doctrine _literally_ beaten into them.


    Sorry don’t try and feed us the “feel sympathy” for the inbred offspring………Megan and Jacob are savy, intelligent, media savvy scumbags even more so than Fred. They all thrive off creating hurt to those who are most vunerable, famlies mourning the loss of a loved one be it thru AIDS or a fallen soldier. These scumbags have waged a legal battle to put a statue of “Matt Sheppard in hell” in the Sheppard family’s hometown for years. Sane officials keep changing zoning laws and these scumbags keep filing more appeals………..

    If everyone simply ingnored these inbred bastards they would go crawl back to the rocks they slithered out from under………….

  • Andrew

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: This is the same thinking of people who say “Oh! If I was born in the 18th century, I’d be against slavery, of course!”

    It’s easy to say such a thing, and politically correct, but most likely untrue. Meghan Phelps is indeed much older and intelligent than the Children I think he is specifically talking about, but even she has been brainwashed.

  • truthreller

    He is right. We should have sympathy for those kids. The way hatred is being infused into their minds is nothing but child abuse.

    The gay community should empathize a little more with them. The adults is another story. They are grown and have the mind to analyze things from a grown up perspective. The kids do not.


    C’mon anyone with even a few active brain cells can see how they all play an active part of this freak show. They are nothing but a bunch of attention whores. They thrive on the chaos they create and if you ever watch videos of them they have huge smiles on their faces. The whole ideas of picketing soldiers funerals was the brainstorm of the latest strain of this virus aka Megan and Jacob. They are not some protected cult-like children who are on some godforsaken ranch in some remote area. They attend public schools and all go on to higher education. Almost every one of them graduated with a law degree and use that to inflict the greatest pain on the famlies they torment. They are media savvy and fully aware of their actions take great satisfaction in tossing hurt onto already grieving family members.

    They deserve zero sympathy from the Gays……………

  • B

    No. 5 · Andrew wrote, “It’s easy to say such a thing, and politically correct, but most likely untrue. Meghan Phelps is indeed much older and intelligent than the Children I think he is specifically talking about, but even she has been brainwashed.”

    … A quick google search showed that Mean Phelps-Roper went to Washburn University, located in Topeka. I would guess that she lived at home, limiting social interaction with her classmates. She probably never had a chance to escape from the continual propaganda spewed by Fred and echoed by the others.

  • Chris

    @the crustybastard:

    I hate what they do, it enrages me… but I don’t hate those kids. Do you think they really would stay if they had a choice to lead a normal life? I’d be willing to bet any one of them, if they had the chance to split like Nate did, they’d take it in a heartbeat… but they know what the punishments for rebellion are. Hopefully Fred will croak from old age and the cult will have no reason then to keep on going, but that’s likely just me being optimistic. What will likely happen is Shirley will take over and continue the “legacy” of the cult.

  • Missy

    The children and young adults do deserve pity. This is all they know. There is no escape for them with the hatred towards their parents. Classic abused cycles. Nate was lucky to break the cycle, but at great personal cost to himself. He’s better off today, but can you imagine the horror of having his last name as his father was beginning his protests?

    Be angry with the adults, but the children are innocent victims.

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