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Nate Silver Throws Out Yes On 1’s Argument Without Crunching Numbers


Okay, there are some numbers involved. Stats whiz Nate Silver translates Stand for Marriage Maine’s email blast to supporters like so:

1. The new law won’t make gay marriage equal to straight marriage. Instead, it will create a new kind of marriage in which gay people and straight people are equal.
2. Although we may not have proven any connection between gay marriage and public education, our opponents haven’t disproven the connection, and it’s their fault that the subject came up.
3. If gay marriage is upheld, then marriage will exist solely to make people happy.


These arguments run from the literally incoherent (#1) to the sublimely unpersuasive (#3), with #2 somewhere in between. Yet, they are, apparently, the best arguments that the Yes on 1 folks can muster — the ones they’re using to close out their campaign.

C’mon Nate, you’re lying! You forgot about the argument how legalizing gay marriage will result in a flurry of lawsuits.