Jodie Supports Gays

Nathan Lane Seeks Straight Pride, Laughs

Nathan Lane‘s got a wicked sense of humor.

The gay actor appeared at this week’s gala for The Trevor Project – a suicide hot line for gays – and joked that since gays have a pride, straights should, too. According to Gatecrasher, Lane quipped, “The grand marshal of the Straight Pride Parade – don’t you think it’s gotta be George Bush, in a tank top and cutoffs?” Barf.

Lane also joked that straight gals can “play a little touch football and then go home and have sex with a woman. I think that’s saying it loud and proud.” Speaking of loud and proud, Jodie Foster also made an appearance at the event.

She may not have been shouting from the rooftops, but the sorta closeted actress did donate $150,000 to the cause. Good for you, Foster. No doubt you’ll garner more lesbian fans.