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National treasure Leslie Jordan dishes on the rumored ‘Will & Grace’ feud

Continuing his campaign to become the world’s most popular entertainer during the COVID-19 lockdown, actor Leslie Jordan has commented on the supposed feud between his Will & Grace costars Debra Messing and Megan Mullally.

Jordan, who plays the recurring character Beverly Leslie, a moneyed friend of Karen’s (Mullally), opened up about his last appearance on the show in an interview with Andy Cohen. When asked point-blank about the tension, Jordan denied any awareness of it.

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“I didn’t [see it],” Jordan conversed. “I wish I could spill all of the [details].”

“Megan and I were in a big tub of grapes, and the grapes didn’t mush properly, so there was a lot going on,” Jordan added, in reference to a recreation of a famous grape juicing scene from I Love Lucy. “If there was any tension I didn’t witness it.”

Jordan’s admission comes after a year of reports of off-screen fighting between Messing and Mullally. Show co-creator Max Muchnick lent credence to the rumors of a feud in an Entertainment Weekly interview in which he confessed that the shooting the final season “was not an easy year.” Mullally also alluded to bullying on the set by an unnamed party in a podcast with her husband Nick Offerman.

“I’ve been bullied,” she told Offerman. “I’m 60 and I’m being bullied right now, so you know it’s a very insidious and dangerous thing and I never want to lose that happy and innocent part of myself but it’s almost like you have to kill that. But I never will, it’s part of who I am, it’s intrinsic to my nature.”