Nation’s Largest LGBT Museum Cancels “Men In Living Rooms” Exhibit For Being Too Graphic

The largest LGBT museum in America has canceled an photography exhibit after the institution’s board of directors decided it was overly graphic, reports the South Florida Gay News.

The Stonewall National Museum in Fort Lauderdale had originally planned to exhibit four images from Jeff Larson’s “Men in Living Rooms” series this month, but canceled the show immediately after the artist’s reception. (The four images originally on view, Numbers 1-4 above, do not depict full nudity, but three of the subjects are somewhat exposed and one is in fetish gear.)

The museum maintains it was only shown two images before agreeing to the exhibit and that neither of those works was included in the display. The concern, it seems, was that photos of doughy middle-aged gay men sprawled on their Lay-Z-Boys might not be appropriate for school groups, who comprise a large section of Stonewall’s visitors. “The museum, library and archives have thousands of wonderful, provocative and explicit pieces and Stonewall is proud to share and exhibit them,” said museum chair Tom Tambor.”The issue is how best to do so, and also best work to contribute to student LGBT education.”

On his website, Larson explains the works “explore my concept of the ‘Everyman’ in his own space… The environment may, but in many instances does not, define him.” He contends Stonewall was being “political” in shuttering the show: “I did everything that they wanted prior to even hanging the exhibit,” he told the Huffington Post. “But because somebody felt uncomfortable with the images, they took them down.”

We’re more concerned that young patrons could be scarred by the subjects’ questionable decorating choices.

Photos: Jeff Larson



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  • fonzymorris

    What a gutless board! Very tame stuff, really. Like the photos though, and a great concept.

  • QJ201

    It is always amazing what crap passes as art as long as the artists gives some blowheart explanation of his inspiration.

  • RLS

    @QJ201: Art isn’t to be understood, but appreciated. Now go back to your cubicle, I’m sure you’ve got some report to finish up…

  • Dumdum

    Dull and boring composition. The decor ? Well there isn’t any. Even with hot guys as the subject it would still be lifeless. Throw in the toads and it is positively dead. The only art I saw was the paintings on the ugly skinny guys walls.

  • GregJamesNewman

    I like it! I’ve seen worse in art. I think when it is “art” you should be able to get away with alot more. They could all be full frontal nude and it would still be tasteful and artistic.

  • PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID nsfw – does it much better and funnier and is no less creepy.

  • Spike

    Shocking, I can’t believe that Recon, Grinder, A4A, Silver Daddies, ect., profile pics are not considered art?!!?

    And everyone of them included their head/face too!

  • Bob LaBlah

    Only three pictures out of the bunch seem NOT to depict middle-aged men angry that they did not do porn when they were younger. I mean really, get real here.

    And there were children (school groups) who were going to see these images? I think it best to let the twinks look up and view porn privately on the internet than be frightened even more about the future of growing old and being gay.

    Guys, go get a dog and accept……….

  • mz.sam

    I thoroughly LOVE the living rooms….BORING!!! (Next!…)

  • Callum

    Picture No 7 above also identified as picture 14, was somewhat interesting. Sadly the entire lot were somewhat depressing. How about a living room that looks like it belongs to say Tom Ford, or perhaps one that belongs to a couple, in their 50’s and in their prime and who have clothes and taste?

    As for the banning of these pictures, well many exhibition curators do not like art when first shown, but banning it is ridiculous.

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