Natl. Gay Groups Offer Limp “Pansy” Remarks

If you’ve ever wanted to see “lackluster” in action, look no further. As you most likely remember, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley caused a stink yesterday when he endorsed Hillary Clinton, saying, “[She] makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy.”

Well, loads of homos were offended by Easley’s remark, but even more so by Clinton’s silence on the matter. The Senator has long been a gay favorite, so one would hope she could find the balls to speak out against Easley, who many claim uttered the dreaded “hate speak”.

In fact, one reader reminded us that Mrs. Clinton once vowed to denounce any hate speech in her campaign. During MSNBC’s February debate, while discussing Louis Farrakhan, Clinton took on Obama for “rejecting,” rather than “denouncing” the anti-Israel leader. Mrs. Clinton went on to say, “We cannot let anyone in any way say these things because of the implications that they have, which can be so far reaching.”

The aforementioned reader wondered whether the presidential nominee would make good on her promise. We seriously doubt it.

GLAAD and Human Rights Campaign are acting equally lame…

The gay media watchdogs had a bit to say, but it basically amounts to nothing. Said president Neil Giuliano:

GLAAD is concerned with Gov. Easley’s flippant comment this morning utilizing the word “pansy.”

The word is considered by many to be a demeaning and degrading reference to gay men. We encourage all those engaging in political rhetoric to stay away from using language that is considered defamatory toward any group of Americans.

But chinks, japs and other international pejoratives are okay?

C’mon, GLAAD! You call this a statement? While we’re not particularly offended by Easley’s remarks, we know a lot of older gays – for whom pansy has a much more resonating, personal definition – are exceedingly upset about this gaffe. We would hope that GLAAD could stop planning its celebrated events or whatever they do to actually say something. But, we should have learned our lesson by now.

Human Rights Campaign, meanwhile, did no better, but, again, we’re not surprised, especially considering the organization’s long history with Senator Clinton. Here’s deputy communications director Trevor Thomas’ worthless remark, “We certainly wish the governor would have chosen his words better and have expressed our disappointment to his staff.”

Since these established, wealthy organizations can’t find the chutzpah to say the right thing, we will: Yo, Clinton, either drop Easley and make good on previous campaign promises or, at the very least, make a personal statement. Your current silence is hurting your reputation among homo voters. And, quite frankly, makes you look like a pansy.