Nat’l Org for Marriage Tax Return Reveals Hate-Based Money Laundering


OBVIOUSLY … The certifiable hate group National Organization for Marriage is revealed to be trafficking in … hate! That’s about all the group’s tax return from 2007 reveals, aside from one interesting line item. (You’ll recall NOM has remained silent on requests to reveal its latest fiscal data, which it’s legally required to do.)

The only interesting thing blogger Justin McLachlan found in NOM’s 2007 Form 990 was a payment of $166,000 for consulting to something called Common Sense America, a group that, even after reading its home page, we still can’t figure out its purpose. Not surprisingly, however, is Pam Spaulding’s revelation that CSA was engaged in anti-gay political efforts.

And, wouldn’t you know it, CSA is headed up by a one Brian Brown, currently NOM’s executive director and upstanding hate advocate. Glad to see Mr. Brown is diversifying his sources of income.

(Note: We certainly aren’t accusing NOM of the criminal act of “money laundering,” just the idea that they are funneling cash through what appears to be a shell organization, which ends up in the pockets of Brown.)