Naughty Kinsey Scale Graphically Bares All

Well, hello! This attractive infographic, artist unknown, illustrates the various stages of undress that characterize the punctuations on the Kinsey Scale.

According to this, you can tell precisely how gay someone is by looking at how much of their lower body is exposed. We were about to cross our arms and frown at this blatant stereotyping but, yeah, it’s actually kind of of true.

We’re at the 6 end of the scale and the only item of clothing we’ve worn in the past week has been one strategically-placed mitten.

Can you help us identify the creator of this delightful illustration? We’d love to give them credit.

Update: Artist found! Michael J. DiMotta, whose work we have just examined, and who we have a huge crush on now. Also, fixed some spelling, whoops heh.