Naugle “Apologizes” For Gay Gaffe

Jim Naugle pulled a gay bait and switch yesterday in Fort Lauderdale.

The Mayor – who angered his queer constituents after proposing robo-toilets to curb gay public sex – seemed poised to apologize for his homophobic remarks, but only made matters worse when he called for “responsible homosexuals” to join his crusade against cruising: “I’m asking the homosexual community to join with me, to cease this activity for the benefit of the children and the parents of the community.” As we’ve mentioned, Naugle refuses to use the word “gay” because he doesn’t believe gay people can be “happy”. The contentious politico also apologized to for not acting sooner.

There certainly aren’t many happy homos in Fort Lauderdale. The Flush Naugle campaign picked up even more steam yesterday. And got even more vocal advocates. Deputy mayor Carlton Moore took a stand against his superior, telling angry voters, “We, as a community, must unite. We must unite against all hatred.”

Meanwhile, gay group Unite are calling for Naugle to resign and refer to him as “an embarrassment”. Honestly, nearly everything about this story’s embarrassing.