Robo-Toilet Crusade Earns Him Undistinguished Award

Naugle Gets “Protection”

Jim Naugle’s fan base keeps on growing. Fort Lauderdale’s homophobic, toilet-obsessed Mayor recently won Faith2Action president Janet Folger’s equally homophobic heart. Bless.

In a post over at the more conservative-than-thou WorldNetDaily, Folger defends Naugle’s offensive attacks a mythical sex-obsessed, monolithic homo menace.

I thank God for this mayor who is sticking up for children who, after playing a game of soccer, may wander 50 feet into the library to ask the following…

Q: Mommy? What’s homosexual pornography?

A: It’s what you saw in the public restroom earlier.

Funny, we thought right wing Christians didn’t encourage childish questions. You learn something new everyday.

Celebrating Naugle’s crusade against gay demons, Folger grants him this week’s “Protector of the Family”.

Congratulations, Naugle! We’re totally going to nominate you for the much coveted – and righteous riotous – Peter LaBarbera Award.