"He needs to dust the cobwebs off..."

Naugle Knocked By Neighboring Politico

Fort Lauderdale mayor Jim Naugle’s homophobic crusade earned him plenty of enemies over the past few weeks – and Larry Gierer’s one of them.

The ‘mo mayor of neighboring Oakland Park, Gierer took some time last night to knock Naugle – who thinks gays can’t be happy – and his preposterous anti-gay mission…

Let me start by saying that I’m truly a happy homosexual. And not only that, I’m a happy homosexual who is HIV-positive. So he really slaps me upside the head.

His logic, his views…it just sounds antiquated and foolish. He needs to dust the cobwebs off, because so many people have happy homosexuals in their life. I just think he’s grasping at straws.

Rather than inflaming sexual panic, Gierer went on to say, Naugle should be promoting safer sex, not demonizing dicks. Of course, Gierer’s obviously more logical than Naugle, who started the war of words when he suggested Fort Lauderdale install robo-toilets to curb public sex.

Gierer also seems to have a sense of humor. The openly gay politico once found religious types praying outside his house and decided to join in:

I went outside, joined hands with them and said, ‘If you’re praying for me, I don’t want to be left out.’ They didn’t come back again.

Hmmm, we wonder if the same tactic would work on Naugle…