Navratilova Blows Our Little Gay Minds!

The big guns are coming out over at Visible ’08, where tennis ace and avowed lesbian Martina Navratilova serves up her thoughts on tonight’s “gay debates”. The mini-site offered Navratilova three questions, the first of which reads, What issue is most important to you personally as this upcoming election approaches, and why?” The avowed lesbian’s also asked,”What do you think LGBT people should be most concerned about as this election approaches?”

Navratilova wastes no time getting to the meat of the situation,

What is most important to me personally as this next election approaches?” To me it has always been about freedom, equality and fairness. And when asked “What issue is most important to LGBT people?” is the same to me–lack of and even erosion of equality, and therefore erosion of freedom. What is at stake in this next election for us is America’s future and its standing in the world. We cannot be the world’s leader when what we say and what we do are two different things. We cannot shout about democracy and freedom while running roughshod over same here at home.

You mean gay rights are linked with international human rights and liberalism? Holy shit, Navratilova! Our worlds will never be the same.