Raunchy renderings

Navy officials take full responsibility for MASSIVE phallus

Officials from the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, Washington confirmed that one of their aircrafts was responsible for a large, phallic-looking skydrawing spotted earlier this week.

The penile rendering was first noticed by a concerned mother who reported it to her local news station, saying she was “upset” about having to explain the drawings to her young children.

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 Local residents also posted images of to social media:

The atmospheric penis was drawn by U.S. Navy pilots using an EA-18G Growler with Electronic Attack Squadron 130, also known as “The Zappers.”

“The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable,” the Navy told KREM.

Zero training value? That looks really hard to pull off to us!

Federal Aviation Administration officials said there wasn’t much they could about the drawing as it didn’t pose a safety risk and it “cannot police morality.”

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  • Nahald

    Seems this lady has only one thing on her mind and it’s NOT her kids.

    • grethomory

      LOLOLOLOL, I know right? she could have told her kids it was a cowboy hate with tassels

    • ChicagoSteve

      Or the pope mobile!

  • Juanjo

    If you have ever met a Navy pilot, you know this is not likely to be the first time that this has happened. Those guys are shall we say, a little bit boisterous when it comes to this level of humor.

    • dgsea06

      Right on, and they are intelligent, well trained and they fly these contraptions at speeds we cannot comprehend, Yes, They are Good!.

  • Jack Meoff

    Oh please, she was concerned about having to explain it to kids? People only say that to add weight to their argument when they know they are being petty. Most kids would know exactly what that was supposed to be and would giggle at it.

    • AntBee

      Right?! She’s just some sanctimonious prig, who had to have her, “won’t anybody think of the children” moment. I wish the Navy had responded to her, as Louis C.K. did in one of his stand-up bits. It was hilarious!

  • phallictomato

    That lady needs to stop being so offended at every little thing. This reminds me of that lady on The Simpsons that says ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!?’. Jesus… if she can’t explain what the picture is to her kids, or make a joke about whoever did it being a little immature, then no doubt she’s the type of person that complains about schools talking about different sexualities (And that straight people aren’t the only ones that exist), or heaven forbid, have the school educate her teenagers on sex – BECAUSE SHE CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER DON’TCHAKNOW – And then complain about her teenagers discovering/looking at porn because 1) it was the school’s fault, 2) despite saying she can do it better, but in the end, didn’t educate them at all, or 3) blame everyone else but herself. The image in the sky was a representation of a dick – I’m sure her kids/teens will see much worse as they grow up – so stop being a bulldozer parent. It won’t do them any good.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Actually, the pilot did a damn good job of portraying our president, the prick!

    • Bearinphx

      RIGHT???!!!!! I TOALTALLY AGREE!! Presidential portrait!!

  • CMarks

    I’d have told the dirty minded old woman it was a ten gallon hat and to get her filthy mind out of the gutter. She sounds like one of those mother’s who fail to teach their children about their body and whose son at forty will still be referring to his penis as his “wee wee”.

  • carver.robertd

    Not nearly as big a dick as the current occupant of the Oval Office!

  • Mark Behar

    Sad portrayal of a penis and scrotum by these fly-boyz. I wonder how many of them have actually jerked off while flying one of these big man-toys, and how was THAT?!!

  • BriBri

    He should have been reprimanded because the mushroom head wasn’t fully developed.

    • sfcarlos65

      Ha! Hilarious!

  • sfcarlos65

    Less and less people seem to have a sense of humor about these things. I mean, I thought it was funny, no need for an apology.

  • dgsea06

    Superb Sky-writing! Someone said an “immature” other said “fly-boy”. Anybody seen “The Wizard of OZ”? What the mean old witch, on her broomstick, did to Dorothy was scary. It even scared the cowardly lion.
    WA State has NAS Whidbey, Bangor (Nuclear submarines, etc) JBLM, and a perfect target for North Korea’s Kim to threaten. He is too smart to do that! Kim knows better than Drumph that from WA to AK
    he has only the total devastation of his and his country’s existence.
    Kudos to the pilot(s)! Perfection in flying at 500+ mph!
    And, yes, it really is Roy Moore’s “cowboy” hat with ears too old to hold earrings.
    I hope that the Navy tossed it off as a training mission for their superb pilots, a fligntin’ slap on the wrist and a slap on the butt for what everyone in the military does in the face of training. Y’know, measure twice and cut once.
    Does it go without saying? I love it!

  • surfpenis

    Snooty nosy bitch probably had a blond pony tail …. the hell with her.

    I used to suck off Navy boys including pilots when I lived in Pensacola. They’re a wild bunch for sure!

    • buzzy58

      I would LOVE to hear more about those incidents with the Navy boys and pilots. Contact me.

  • silveroracle

    Obviously that woman has her mind on something other than looking after children.
    Too busy on her mobile phone instead of keeping an eye on the kids.

  • hansniemeijer

    We can do with some more airborne entertainment. What better way of educating your children when you don’t even have to draw an image!

  • nitejonboy

    I’ve had bigger.

  • robert_moore

    The country is going to shit, and this is what worries her? Priorities, dear, priorities.

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