NBA Fans Banned From Leaving Nasty Comments About Leandro Barbosa + Reggie Evans Holding Hands

On Sunday night after the Toronto Raptors’ slim defeat of the Orlando Magic 102-98, the Raptors’ Leandro Barbosa took the hand of teammate Reggie Evans as they walked into the locker room. See that big grin on Evans’ face? That’s him telling the world you can be a masculine jock and still feel affection for another dude! Or something. Commenters on the 10-second clip’s YouTube page, however, haven’t been so kind: “Little Ozzy is a hugeee fucking panzy who gets it up his ass by not only Barbosa and Reggie, but by the rest of? the team, including Triano, the golden boy Colangelo, Even Gheradini! The Raptors Mascot actually ended up jizzing on Little Ozzys face, while Ozzy took it like the gay fuck he is. … Disgusting.”, which posted the video, has since disabled comments.