NBA Team Owner Acknowledges Closeted Players, Supports Them Whether Or Not They Come Out

mark-cuban-outwork-and-outlearn-competition2There seems to be a wonderful trend picking up steam in the world of professional sports that we’re hoping is a sign of better things to come.

As more and more high profile stories of out athletes come to light, the overwhelming response from straight players and coaches has basically been “meh, no biggie.”

That’s not to say there isn’t any homophobia, but it’s noteworthy that in the testosterone-charged realm of athletics, allies have been coming forward left and right.

The latest is this quote from billionaire businessman/Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, responding to a question about Jason Collins:

“We already know there’s more gay players in the league. Whether they come out or not is irrelevant. It’s just personal preference. There’s no reason to ever, ever discuss anybody’s sexuality because that’s their private business and there’s no reason to start now.”

While he’s not exactly waving a rainbow flag, it’s also not his job to do so. And the fact that Cuban realizes his opinion on homosexuality — whether he’s for or against it — has absolutely nothing to do with basketball shows a level of humility that’s a bit atypical in American pro sports.

We personally would prefer it if more closeted players came out, but that decision rests solely in their court, so to speak. With Jason Collins and Michael Sam provoking more open discussion on gays in sports, we think the result can only be good for everyone.

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