Mea Culpa

NBA’s Kevin Durant issues apology over homophobic message fiasco…but doesn’t apologize to gays

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NBA player Kevin Durant has issued a public apology following the leak of a string of homophobic and misogynistic messages he sent to actor Michael Rapaport on Instagram.

“I’m sorry that people seen that language I used,” the Brooklyn Nets forward told reporters on Thursday (April 1). “That’s not really what I want people to see and hear from me, but hopefully I can move past it and get back out there on the floor.”

Notice that Durant didn’t apologize for what he said, just that people had seen what he said.

Moving on…

Durant had come under fire after Rapaport posted screenshots of message strings containing threatening remarks and anti-gay slurs earlier this week. The exchange dates from October 2020, when Rapaport advised Durant to do an interview after a game.

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“I did the interview you d*ckhead,” Durant wrote. “Tell your baby daddy Chuck to be better at his job.”

“You a bitch for even caring how I do in an interview,” Durant said in another message. “All u do is c*ck suck other men for attention. Trump didn’t pay attention to your sorry ass so now u wanna use everybody else to get views and laughs. Your life is a joke you F*ckin c*ck sucker.”

Durant referred to Rapaport as a “c*nt,” a “c*m guzzling bitch,” and a “p*ssy” in other messages.

It remains unclear if Durant will face any kind of disciplinary action from the NBA as a result. In the past, LA Lakers player Kobe Bryant faced a $100,000 fine for making homophobic remarks during a game.