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NBC Affiliate KETK Won’t Wonder Aloud Whether Gays Are Ruining America Ever Again

How can Texas NBC affiliate KETK recover from a segment where it welcomed a radio host on the news to ask whether acceptance of gays would bring about the fall of America? And in the same segment had its news anchor tell the jerk, “Some great comments this morning, a good topic as always”? Apologize, of course!

In addition to letting GLAAD drag it through the mud, KETK is deleting the clip off its website, promising to never re-air it, having General Manager Dave Tillery appear on air to discuss the incident, and inviting Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns on to discuss the harm in gay bullying.

Meanwhile Paul Gleiser, president of radio station KTBB that produces the Talkback show where host Garth Maier aired his segment, has apologized. Maier has yet to do so.

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