NBC Commits To Speaking Out Against LGBT Abuse During Olympics Coverage

sochi-russia-olympics-lgbt-america-corporation-sponsors-360x360Okay, NBC. Your Bob Costas has made a pledge and we’re holding you to it.

“If Putin doesn’t drag his butt into the studio, then we’ll talk about [Russian anti-gay laws] without him,” Costas told the press this week. “But if he shows up, we’d rather talk to him.”

So one way or another, someone at NBC will cover the country’s abuse of gay and lesbian citizens. How much coverage will it get? Hard to say, but “…framing those issues is part of the backdrop,” said Costas. “It’s like describing what the weather is at a ball game or what the crowd is like. You have to frame the circumstances under which these events are about to take place, and then you return to those issues if and when they impact the games.”

Well, sure. That’s a promising statement. It sounds like NBC isn’t afraid to take a hard, critical look at Russia.

But what about taking a hard, critical look at the Olympics themselves?

After all, the International Olympic Committee has had a dismal response (or lack thereof) to Russia’s human rights abuses. And how about all those corporate sponsors? Canon and McDonald’s may be happy to stick their logo all over Sochi, but when’s the last time they made it clear that they oppose how Sochi’s LGBTs are being driven underground by cruel abusive law and cruel abusive culture? There’s more than one villain to this story, and we hope NBC doesn’t neglect them all.