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NBC Joins ABC In Telling GLAAD To Go Bother Somebody Else

After a couple rounds of pestering from GLAAD, ABC has refused to apologize or clarify Sherri Shepherd’s remarks on The View about how closeted black men are to blame for the black community’s disproportionately high HIV rates, ignoring that other little factor known as “intravenous drug use.” And now the Today show, which is hosting “TODAY’s Wedding: Modern Love” — a wedding contest for one lucky couple — says it isn’t budging on its heterosexuals-only policy because it’s paying for a ceremony to take place in New York only, and the marriage must be legally valid.

Which is news to contestants, notes GLAAD, which notes Today‘s rules about the contest say nothing about a New York-only location.

So the television show that welcomes folks like Meredith Baxter on the air to come out won’t let them be eligible for a free wedding. Got it. What’s on The Early Show?