NBC Set To Air Rosie Potpourri

She’s baaack! Maybe.

Over a year after leaving The View in a huff, Rosie O’Donnell has struck a deal with NBC to host a special one-hour variety show on November 26, the day before Thanksgiving. And, if all goes well, the show could spin-off into a regular gig for the lesbian comedienne.

Ingeniously entitled Rosie’s Variety Show, the “event” will feature singing, dancing and general yucking. But, wait, there’s more!

The hour long event will include celebrity guests, musical acts, comedy skits and a contest both for in-studio and at-home auds, the network said. David Friedman will exec produce with O’Donnell.

“We want to show people that variety can be done in a new and inventive way for 2008,” said Craig Plestis, NBC Entertainment�s exec VP for alternative programming, development and specials. “We hope to do it in ways you haven�t seen before. It’s going to be the YouTube of variety shows.
“The key to reinventing variety starts with the talent. And Rosie was the perfect person for this,” Friedman said. “She was already doing a variety show in daytime. Once we got Rosie, we were already ahead of the game.”

The show will air live, which Pelstis says means “anything can happen.” Especially when it comes to Rosie.