NBC’s Doesn’t Want The Sing-Off Viewers Hearing About A Dumb, Gay Suicide Prevention Hotline

The winners of the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off, an cappella group called Pentatonix, made sure to mention that they represented The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth. But the viewers will never know that because NBC edited out the letters LGBT from their broadcast… twice.

Art Reker from AfterElton has more:

[The Sing-Off‘s host Nick] Lachey introduced The Trevor Project segment by noting that when members of Pentatonix were younger, “they faced challenges because they were different,” and that they had chosen to highlight “an organization working to help bullied youth.”

Bullied youth? Partially true. But The Trevor Project very specifically seeks to provide suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. Was it too much for a prime time audience to hear those words and initials? It’s like noting that the Susan G. Komen foundation helps people with chest problems.

Then come the edits. Scott Hoying, an adorable blond member of Pentatonix, is on screen at the start of the segment and just as he is about to utter the LGBTQ acronym, the camera cuts away. The same thing happens when The Trevor Project representative David McFarland explains, on camera, the organization’s mission. Again, as he is about to say “LGBTQ,” the producers cut away and the initials are edited out…

Now here’s the part where NBC releases a statement saying that it values all viewers, supports diversity and opposes all forms of discrimination and bullying, including those based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Then NBC will say they edited it out purely in the interest of fitting the program within its allotted time slot. Bloggers will grumble, then everyone will forget about it, just like when they unintentionally omitted Matthew Mitcham’s boyfriend during the Beijing Olympics.