NBC’s Kings Has At Least 2 Queens


NBC’s new show Kings has “this could be a huge hit” written all over it. Too bad “this could be worse than Knight Rider” is written in the same font size. But here’s a reason to tune in to the March 15 premiere: The whole premise of the show centers around a gay son. And he’s hot!

Kings is set in an imaginary world in an imaginary time and is about an imaginary royal family — all of which looks and feels like present day New York City. (The royal court looks to be shot in the Time Warner Center overlooking Columbus Circle.) The basic premise?

King Silas Benjamin (played by Ian McShane) showers all of his attention on handsome hero soldier David Shepherd (actor Chris Egan, left), who saved the life of his son, Prince Jack Benjamin (played by Sebastian Stan, right), in war. But Prince Jack is gay! Which means the king would rather leave his throne to his son’s savior, who is macho and straight and, unlike Prince Jack, does not have a gay boyfriend! (Yes, actor Michael Arden will be the prince’s homo lover, playing his arm candy as they go gay clubbing, reports Transracial.)

Prince Jack was “raised in the lap of luxury and spirals down a destructive path in search of himself,” NBC.com says. He’s also supposed to be an “arrogant” prick, huzzah! We love our cocky good looking fags. Fine, yes, we’ll watch this.

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