NBC’s New Hot & Rough Gay Cop


Huzzah! On the heels of introducing Kings‘ Prince Jack character — a whiny, power-obsessed gay lad who only wants attention from his father, the king — NBC will be bringing us another primetime homo. Except Southland‘s John Cooper (played by Michael Cudlitz) isn’t the type of swishy homo you’ve come to expect from the network that brought us Will & Grace. Rather, Cooper is bad ass.

NBC’s press materials describe Cooper as “hard-core LAPD” and a “cops-cop.” Co-starring opposite The O.C.‘s Benjamin McKenzie (who plays lead character Ben Sherman, the rookie), Cuditz’s character is responsible for showing Sherman the ropes of fighting LA crime. Producers say they interviewed a number of actual gay cops to shape the character. And, adds After Elton, “Judging from preview clips, sides (script pages) from the pilot episode as well as our source, Cooper is a fairly standard cop archetype. He’s tough, gets to the point, and uses words like ‘pussy’ and ‘numbnuts’. He doesn’t take grief from anyone, especially not slick Hollywood types or fellow cops not pulling their weight. On the surface he’s gruff, able to tell gruesome work stories that make him laugh out loud, and his no-nonsense, seemingly callous attitude is partly responsible for leaving the younger man questioning whether he is cut out for the life of a cop.”

Hot. Especially when compared to the cop character on Will & Grace: Bobby Cannavale’s Vince, who gets in trouble for trying on gloves during a police chase.

Southland premieres April 9 at 10pm EST on NBC.