NBJC All About Us!

Get out your calendars and mark off the end of April, because the National Black Justice Coalition has plans for you: “The Power of Us Conference!” You’ve heard the legends, but this is the real deal! Or, as the NBJC describes it “a nationwide gathering of Black LGBT, their families, Straight Allies and Supporters.” The capitalization really stresses the unity, don’t you think?

The massive event, held in Baltimore on April 24-26, includes anything in the world you could ever imagine: religious training, financial literacy workshops and chats about health, all of which are essential to a good time. If you’re not down with wellness, maybe you’d like the salute to Black LGBT public officials? Or, to satisfy the world’s insatiable appetite for reality television stars, there’s Marcellas Reynolds of Survivor and Tyra fame! It’s going to be fabulous.