NC Family Values Magazine: Gays Are Murdering Heterosexual Marriage


The North Carolina Family Policy Council has put out the Winter 2012 edition of Family North Carolina, its highly anticipated quarterly publication. And just in time for the holidays it trots out the good ol’ crosshairs imagery that’s worked so well for Republicans in the past.

To be fair, their mixed metaphor doesn’t just single out the gays as murderers of traditional marriages. It singles out the gays and everyone who supports them! You see, the sniper rifle is in the hands of “society.” Straight couples are victims!

The article comes as the National Organization for Marriage teams up with the NCFPC and other state anti-gay groups to sway public opinion in support of a ballot amendment that bans same-sex marriage in NC, sponsored by the late Sen. James Forrester.)

We sat down and read the article, so as not to judge a book by its cover. It begins:

One cursory look across the moral landscape of American culture would inform even the most casual of observers that ‘progress’ is perhaps the greatest threat to society. Women are allowed to kill their unborn children, the Ten Commandments are prohibited from hanging on courtroom walls, and now the debate rages as to whether marriage—one of the oldest, most sacred institutions known to mankind—is really only for one man and one woman.

Apparently the important parts of “progress” to focus on aren’t advances in medical technology, equal rights for  oppressed groups or overwhelmingly better standards of living.

No, we must focus on abortion, Abortion-scary-pic displays of religion in public places and whether same-sex people who want to make a commitment to each other can have the same rights as a man and a woman who choose to do.

Priorities, people! North Carolina psychologists have them. North Carolina “family values” groups do not.

Skimming through the same issue, we also found another other ridiculous headline-photo combination, this one aimed at pro-choice advocates (at right).

Seriously, who the hell is their art director?

Source: Good As You. Image via North Carolina Family Policy Council