NC GOP Bashes Gay Friendly Hagan

And we thought things were bad in Ohio!

North Carolina’s overzealous Republican party has been mailing out literature that claims Democratic Senatorial candidate Kay Hagan’s an agent of – gasp! – the homosexual agenda. Hide the children!

By electing Hagan over Republican Elizabeth Dole, the mailer claims, voters will be opening the door to a vast wave of homo happenings, like gay marriage and a queer inclusive Boy Scouts. The mailer also cites the so-called “activist judges” who are trying to spread gay marriage.

This flier is but one in a series of anti-gay mailers we’ve seen this season. Ohio’s Republican party sent out pamphlets this month claiming that Democrat Ray Pryor represented the wrong choice because he supports gay adoption. The party also funded a flier touting Republican Congressional candidate Michael Keenan’s love for “family values.”

You can see you more of this nastiness over at PageOneQ.