NC State Senator James Forrester “Doesn’t Have To Make Up” Facts. So Why Does He Keep Doing It?

Republican North Carolina state Senator James Forrester recently said, “The homosexuals don’t like the [anti-marriage equality] bill that I pushed through the General Assembly… They are working to discredit me but they can’t.” Then, referring to the recent revelations that he lied about his memberships with the American College of Preventive Medicine, the Aerospace Medical Association and the Christian Medical and Dental Association, he added, “I don’t need to make up credentials; I have enough of them already.”

So why did he make up the fake statistic that “gays die 20 years earlier than everyone else”? He said he got that factoid from the Center for Disease Control, but it has never appeared in any CDC documentation ever. For a dude who doesn’t need to make things up, he sure enjoys making things up.