“NCIS” Star Pauley Perrette Talks To Jeff Probst About Her Marriage-Equality Promise

Righteous Pauley Perrette from NCIS was the guest on today’s episode of The Jeff Probst Show, and the two kibbitzed about everything from her start in showbiz to her dedication to real-life crime-solving. (Perette has spent time working with America’s Most Wanted tracking fugitives.)

In one segment, Probst brought out Pauley’s strapping British fiance, ex-Marine Thomas Arklie, to have the pair talk about their relationship. As the actress tells Probst, she and Thomas are sticking to their vow not to wed “until marriage laws are for everybody.”

Aw, thanks Pauley—but we don’t want to keep you from enjoying what would undoubtedly be a rockin’ wedding night!