NC’s Amendment One Has Double-Digit Lead, Expected To Pass

Y’know, we’ve been seeing so much positive change happening for gay people across America that when something really crappy happens it feels like a slap across the face. And our cheek is still red from hearing that North Carolina’s Amendment One—which would codify marriage as between one man and one woman—is likely to win at the voting booth on Tuesday.

Proponents of the measure—which would negate civil unions and domestic partnerships of any stripe, gay or straight—are leading by 16 points according to a poll released this weekend by the nonpartisan Public Policy Polling.

Our final marriage amendment poll finds it leading by a 55-39 margin, little change from a week ago when it was ahead 55-41. The final yes percentage will likely be somewhere in the 57-59% range depending on how the undecideds break. Opponents of the amendment had an uphill battle in convincing voters that it was anything other than a referendum on gay marriage, even though it does go a lot further than that. 57% of voters in the state think gay marriage should be illegal (to only 34% who think it should be legal) and it’s not a coincidence that number correlates so closely with the 55% planning to support the amendment.

…Just 24 hours until election day only 46% of voters realize the proposal bans both gay marriage and civil unions. Those informed voters oppose the amendment by a 61-37 margin, but there may not be enough time left to get the rest of the electorate up to speed.

Record turnout is expect at the polling stations tomorrow.

Officials in various cities have been expressing frustration and concern regarding the future of existing protections:

“We are the first county in North Carolina that offered health benefits to domestic partners,” says Orange County Commissioner Bernadette Pelissier. “If Amendment One [passes], we would be obliged to cease providing that benefit.”

Chapel Hill Town Council member Penny Rich believes Tuesday will be a “tense” day for the college town: “In Chapel Hill we are liberally minded… We all have one thing in common and that’s to beat the amendment.”

Good luck, folks. If we believed in a higher power you’d be in our prayers.

Photo: Vote Against Amendment One

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  • Tom

    This is exactly why it should be declared unconstitutional to let the general public vote on issues such as civil rights. Could you imagine if the federal government allowed individual states to vote on whether to have a Civil Rights Act in the 1960s?

    The constitution was written to protect the minority from the majority, in North Carolina the majority is using this public vote to bully and oppress the minority

  • Hyhybt

    If it passes, it won’t last… and there was never all that much room to hope it wouldn’t.

    Unlike all the other states in play this year.

  • brian

    Thanks for nothing, Obama. You had the chance to make a statement when you were in NOrth Carolina last week. I look forward, along with my fellow Americans, towards electing a new President in November.

  • adam

    The Websites DailyKos and Crooks and Liars are reporting this race is closer than the Queerty story confirms. One site says the Mississippi Personhood bullshit looked just as likely to pass the day before as this one does, and it went down in defeat. Let’s not give up on the Tar Heel State yet. To quote Nevil Shute, there’s still time, brothers. . .

  • 1equalityUSA

    This will help prove to SCOTUS that we are oppressed by the majority and that we need their help. It’s so demeaning to be a tax paying American citizen and have other Americans saying that my immutable characteristic is not good enough, in their eyes, to achieve full representation under the law. I agree with Hyhybt in post #2. I seemed to have an opposite effect when these wins against LGBT take place. I’m far away from North Caolina, as far as one can get, but it still doesn’t seem far enough. The majority of voters in North Carolina do not understand what it means to be born this way. Thanks NOM, Robert P. George, Hocus-Pocus-Focus on the family and all, you’ve hurt families, just not yours, so be proud of yourselves.

  • JKB

    @brian: Definitely…because the republicans are SO much better on gay rights! (eye roll)

  • Lightning Baltimore

    @brian: You honestly think things would be better for LGBT citizens under Romney???

  • j bengel

    Obama actually has come out against A1, just not during the speech at UNC. Given that the majority of his audience for that address is ALREADY voting against, it’s more of a slap that OFA hasn’t (yet) committed to including A1 in their GOTV efforts.

    It’s also worth mentioning that a great many Repugnicans (and other conservatives) have come out strongly against the amendment. This has transcended a “conservative-liberal” debate, there’s broad-reaching opposition from all across the political spectrum.

  • jason

    Well, you won’t get any progress under Obama and you won’t get any under Romney. Both are losers.

  • Brian

    @brian: Hey now, you’re going to vote for Romney over Obama? Because of Obama’s position on gay marriage? Like, really really? Are you fucking stupid?


  • cam

    Gee, what a shock, a state that was a part of the Confederacy is supporting a bigoted law.

  • cam


    Nice try troll. NOBODY who actually cared about gay rights would vote for Romney no matter how pissed they were at Obama.

    Romney went before Congress and asked for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution baning gay marraive.

    He said that he wouldn’t have signed the Don’t ASk Don’t Tell Repeal.

    You are like a person that doesn’t like the way his car rides, so pulls off the wheels and takes out the engine.

  • Hyhybt

    @jason: Interesting claim. Why do you say we would get no progress under Obama, when *we’ve already had progress under him?* Not as much as we’d like, of course, but progress that would definitely not have happened had the 2008 election gone the other way.

  • Jeff

    @brian: Umm, please tell me if Romney is planning support for gay rights/marriage. Because, as I can see it… we either keep Obama in the office who’s position is “evolving” or elect a Republican who will ensure we won’t get rights. Obama isn’t perfect, but he has allowed more to occur to support the GLBT community than any other candidate.

  • FunMe

    Why the south continues to be HATEFUL always against someone is beyond understanding. They claim to be “Christian” but do everything that would be against love for everyone that Christ showed. They’re just a bunch of hypocrites!

  • CBRad

    @FunMe: It’s not “the south” as much as just that silly North Carolina. That one state has always stood out with idiocy (and that includes NC gays)..

  • Shannon1981

    I live 20 mins from Charlotte, across the line in SC. This is infuriating, but not at all surprising.

  • unclemike

    What’s even more frustrating is that when it is explained that the vague language of this law also gets rid of civil unions, people are overwhelmingly against it.

  • 1equalityUSA

    I estimate 5 years before it is turned around. People that vote for this bigotry tend to have buyer’s remorse once the conversations and the families harmed by the law emerge. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Prop H8 was distressing for me and I still have a bit of anger left in my heart for all that was said about our community. Hang in there and try to be as civil as possible in your dealings with the haters. They believe that what they are doing is correct. Don’t let NOM or any other lemming race-bait you or stir up one side against the other. NOM is a hate group and is going extinct.

  • Tony

    There is good news. This will effect straight folks as well. They will take it court. And unlike us they win when they go to court.

  • n900mixalot

    North Caro-where? When is the last time that state mattered for anything more than rounding us out to 50?

  • 1equalityUSA

    It matters because the Dems are such chickens that they likely won’t get serious about supporting our equality unless many States win voter-initiative-earned-equality. (Why we have to win or earn inalienable rights is baffling.) If Dems support us now, while the risk is inherent and uncomfortable, they will have our loyalty for years and years. If they support us later, when it is easy and a no brainer, the wealthier LGBT’ers may flee to the more financially prudent but religiously short-sighted party. Dems use LGBT the way Repubs use the “religulous.” Both parties would prefer that the Supreme Court handles this hot potato.

  • Tarhill

    I will vote the way I would like to vote, that is my right as an American. But the put everyone in NC in the same category. Do not judge anyone on where they are from. It is wrong to judge someone in any form. I am not judging you on your decisions what ever they are do not judge me on mine. And yes I am from NC.

  • 1equalityUSA

    There are already reports of voter fraud. The amendment 1 is pre-filled out and handed to voters. The Amendment 1 is on the back, all by itself. During Prop H8, the voting that took place in the church had pro-prop H8 signs all around the voting booth. Can these creeps just let people vote without resorting to this?

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