NE Attorney General: Adding Orientation To State Discrimination Laws Is Unconstitutional

Sorry fair-minded Nebraskans: You can add whatever protections for LGBT you want to your town charters, but they have no weight. That was the message in an recent opinion issued by Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning.

“Nebraska statutes do not authorize political subdivisions in Nebraska, including municipalities, to expand protected classifications beyond the scope of the civil rights classifications created in state statute.”

Bruning, who is running for Senate, was weighing in on a bill proposed by state Sen. Beau McCoy (R-Omaha) that would have barred municipalities from adopting anti-discrimination ordinances that are beyond what the state covers. McCoy’s bill—aimed at Omaha’s recent gay-rights law—never made it out of committee. But the Senator is tickled pink by Bruning’s support:

“t not only backs up and supports what I have said for almost eight months now, but it probably goes further in outlining why civil rights and discrimination measures are state issues.”

Paul Kratz—the city attorney for Omaha, which recently banned discrimination against gay people by employers, public accommodations and businesses that contract with the city—says Bruning’s ruling won’t change anything.

“If somebody sues us, we’ll deal with it in court.”

Source: Miami Herald